Safranbolu Places to visit and travel notes 2020

When I saw those historical houses embroidered like lace, I started to wander around Safranbolu for places to visit and travel notes. Where, What to do? Let’s travel for its history, nature and culture.

What’s Safranbolu Like?

Safranbolu , located in Zonguldak Karabük , is more important to understand than to see. Maybe you should spend a weekend here instead of passing by. When you blend the local culture with its history and nature, you will understand the joyful spirit of this place. It is possible to see this type of Ottoman historical texture in Taraklı, Odunpazarı and Beypazarı .UNESCO Let’s take a look at Safranbolu travel notes and places to visit in this World Heritage Listed region with its canyons, cave, museums, villages and crystal glass viewing terrace.

Although it is difficult to visit all the streets on foot, half-hour tours are organized with golf cars during the day. You can see many historical buildings quickly for 20 TL .

Where does the name Safranbolu come from?

Saffron in its name is actually a plant. Since the saffron plant is very abundant in this region, it was named Safranbolu. Its old name was also called Zafranbolu with the local expression . I saw a model of an airplane and it said ” Zafranbolu” on it. Nowadays, even if the saffron plant is very small, there are enough of them for saffron Turkish delights.

Safranbolu places to visit and travel notes

1- Safranbolu Houses

Here, you will take a tour of those historical streets that we have watched with admiration in Ottoman films. As you walk through the narrow streets of Safranbolu Houses embroidered on two colorful hillsides like lace , see historical fountains and fragrant flowers hanging from the balconies of mansions.

800 of the historical Safranbolu houses, which have survived from the 1700s, are under protection. Safranbolu houses, which are embroidered into nature on both slopes, are built in a way that does not block each other’s view and sun with their unique architecture.

Safranbolu Places to visit and travel notes

You should also see the historical and natural beauties you can go to just outside the historical Safranbolu houses.    

2- Safranbolu Crystal Glass Terrace

What are the Crystal Glass terrace features?
You can go up to the glass terrace, which is strong enough to carry 75 tons of weight, in groups of up to 30 people. They have kept a limited number of them in order to allow the visitors to move freely on the terrace, which can carry 400 people. Crystal glass terrace Safranbolu Glass terrace, with a width of 11 meters and a glass area of ​​​​about 100 m2, is formed by combining 3 glasses of 3 cm thickness. This is the only way to watch this natural wonder of Safranbolu.

Safranbolu Crystal Glass Terrace Entry Prices 2020

The price of watching the beauties of Safranbolu Tokatlı and İncekaya Canyon from this crystal glass terrace is only  7 TL . There is no time limit.  However, you have to pay an additional 5 TL for parking at the entrance  . There is another place at the back of the paid parking area  where you can park for free . Since no one knows and there is no sign for free parking, you enter directly into the paid one.

3- Tokatli Canyon

Those who say that it is not enough to just watch this natural wonder from the glass terrace can go down the stairs on the left to the canyon and take long walks under the trees by the creek. My advice to you is to have a full stomach and to take water with you. You have to pay a fee of 4 TL at the entrance to go down to Tokatlı Canyon and walk along the creek for 2 km . If you enter from the old bazaar, you do not have to pay any fees.

4 – Safranbolu İncekaya Aqueduct

When you go down to Tokatlı Canyon , you will come across the İncekaya Aqueduct by following the wooden platform and the path by the stream . The aqueduct with 6 arches and a length of 116 meters was built by the Grand Vizier İzzet Mehmet Pasha to bring water to Safranbolu. This historical aqueduct, which you will see on the hiking trail of the Tokatlı canyon, has a width of 2 meters.

5 – Bulak Mencilis Cave

Safranbolu, where we are fascinated by its canyons and lush nature, also has hidden gems underground. Bulak Mencilis Cave awaits you with its colorful dripstone stalactites and stalagmites . Located in the Bulak village of Karabük, this mysterious cave is only 8 km away from Safranbolu. When you come to the Bulak village cave, all you have to do is climb the 150-step ladder. The next will take you on a caving trip that takes you back millions of years.

6- Among the places to visit and travel notes in Safranbolu, we come across Cinci Han.

When we start from Safranbolu ‘s historical bazaar , we see the Cinci Rabbi for a tour . The hamam, which belongs to Hüseyin Efendi, one of Sultan İbrahim’s Kazaskers, and the Cinci Han, a little further away, are among the must-sees. The reason why it is called Cinci comes from the fact that it is known as Cinci teacher in the region. Cinci Han, which is now used as a 63-room hotel and restaurant, is one of the masterpieces of the region.

7 – Historical tannery

You know, they say, “Are you raising shit in the tannery” , and now we are at the place where that word was born. In those days, hot dog feces were used to tan leather . Each household kept a few dogs for the hot nitric acid it contained. They had to get these droppings to the tanneries before it got cold. A saying for children and young people who collect the hot excrement of dogs on the streets is “are you raising shit in the tannery” These tanneries provided tons of leather to the Ottoman army at the time. 

8- Safranbolu City History Museum

This historical building, which was used as the Government House until 15 years ago, was converted into the Safranbolu City History Museum in 2006 . You can see many items and documents from Safranbolu’s past in the museum located on the castle hill. The products of commercial life and craftsmanship in its history are also exhibited on the ground floor.

In the garden of this historical government house, you will see the 12-meter-tall clock tower, whose mechanism was brought from England. This clock tower, which was built in 1797, has the distinction of being the first clock tower in Anatolia .

9- District Governors Travel House

The District Governors’ trip house , which was taken under protection in 1976, is among the most dazzling among the historical Safranbolu houses. District Governors Gezi House, which is full of woodwork except its walls, has 3 floors and 7 rooms. Every corner of this mansion has been a work of art by wood masters. With a symbolic entrance fee of 5 TL , I definitely recommend you to see it.

10. Safranbolu Yoruk Village

Yörük village , 20 km away from Safranbolu, is a window to real history. It is also quite frightening with its houses that are about to collapse due to neglect. Consider the state of Safranbolu houses without restoration and care. There are still people living in the village, which bears the traces of the 1400s. They offer their visitors pancakes, ayran and local delicacies for small fees.

11. Hidirlik Hill

One of the best places to take Safranbolu photos is Hıdırlık Hill . It must be a different pleasure to watch the history while having a drink while enjoying the scenery. This is one of the first places to be visited by those who love to take photos.

Where to stay in Safranbolu?

While you are here, you should stay in the historical Safranbolu houses. You should feel the smell of history by staying in these authentic houses at least for the night.  Abdulkadir Şen, the owner of Şen hostel , whom I met by chance while taking a photo at his door in Safranbolu , will welcome you as well as me in the best way. Abdulkadir told us about the feeling of living in historical houses and the happiness of hosting his guests. The spirit of the local culture is reflected in those houses so much! It is impossible not to get lost in history. It is not enough to walk through the narrow historical streets filled with 2 or 3 storey houses with bay windows and balconies, you should stay in these houses even for one night.

If you send my greetings to Mr. Safranbolu Şen Pension Abdulkadir , the owner of this historical house in harmony with nature with its family business , I am sure that he will host you in the best way and help you with the prices. After all, the local people of Anatolia and the warmth of their hearts have surrounded Safranbolu.

What to eat in Safranbolu?

They have Pides called Bending . Imagine spinach, minced meat and onion in a pita all at once.

Kuyu Kebab is available all over Anatolia. A taste that cracks the palate emerges when the lamb meat is hung in the well with hooks and cooked for hours.

Local Safranbolu flavors and prices that I prefer (2019)

Peruhi : A little variation of the ravioli we know. That’s what I ate, it was beyond delicious. It is prepared from bagged yogurt, eggs and mint. It is garnished with yoghurt and mint.  The price is 18 TL.

  • Safranbolu Meatballs:   The meatballs here were also wonderful.  The price is 20 TL.
  • Stuffed stuffed leaves , This stuffed mutton stuffed is also delicious.  The price is 20 TL.

How to get to Safranbolu?

It receives many visitors every season, as it is a place to get away with a cultural trip on the weekend, even from the region and surrounding cities, even from Istanbul and Ankara . You can reach Istanbul with 380 km and a 4-hour drive.

Safranbolu, which is closer to Ankara, can be reached in 2.5 hours with 220 km. After Gerede junction, you can reach Karabük by 80 km road and then Safranbolu by 8 km .