Italy is a unique country unlike any other European country we know. So much so that almost all and even more of what other countries are proud of is scattered throughout this country’s geography. These lands that gave birth to the Renaissance are home to more art and architectural works than you can see in other European countries. The dazzling works of the artists who have shaped the art movements are not only in museums but also in cathedrals, churches and squares.

The words ‘smells history’ used to describe a place are valid for almost every city in Italy. Some of Italy’s cities are as if they were frozen in time. It still looks exactly the same as it was hundreds of years ago. You can see beautiful squares in every city where artists, writers and painters enjoy being. Every city in Italy is a wonder of art and nature in itself.

Italy, with the Vatican, the capital of the Catholic community, is a completely different world within the European continent. It has beautiful islands overlooking the Mediterranean; Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, Ischia, Procida… You feel like you are on an island, even while wandering around the coastal towns. Life flows slowly in this geography where the Cittaslow culture was born. There is no room for stress.

You feel yourself in Heidi’s country when you wander around the mountains of Northern Italy at the foot of the Alps. What you see in Switzerland in Austria is in Northern Italy. Each and every one of the small towns scattered in the valleys stretching out as far as they can get, the reality stands before you as if they had come out of a postcard.

In the past, each of them was a powerful city-state, with its own unique architecture, culture and cuisine. Cultural richness and diversity make the country even more attractive. Towns stretching under the shadow of active volcanoes vividly reveal the heritage of thousands of years ago, such as Pompeii and Herculanium.

Beyond the historical heritage, the streets of the cities are lively and aesthetic. There are cafes and restaurants on every corner, where you will be surprised at which one to sit in. Some are right in front of the historical heritage of hundreds of years, they are inedible! Add to this the Mediterranean culinary culture with its delicious dishes, desserts and snacks.

Once I went, I saw it, it cannot be said enough, it is a country that leaves enough taste in your palate that you want to go again every time you go. At least for me this recipe is very convenient.

Where to start touring Italy? Which cities should be visited in Italy?

Located in one of the regions with the richest historical and cultural background in the world, Italy is also the country where the Renaissance movement, which deeply affected all of Europe, emerged. With its deep-rooted museums, squares adorned with historical buildings, parks, gardens, fountains, beaches and natural beauties, the country is too big to be explored in a short time.

There are dozens of cities, towns and villages to visit in Italy, each of which is a tourism destination in its own right, such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Naples, Vatican City and Milan.

Vatican City and San Marino, two small independent regions within the territory of Italy, are among the Schengen countries even though they are not members of the European Union.

Italy Attractions 📌

  1. Rome
  2. Vatican City
  3. Venice
  4. Florence
  5. Milan
  6. Bologna
  7. Naples
  8. Sorrento
  9. Amalfi Coast
  10. Puglia
  11. Genoa
  12. Pisa
  13. Siena
  14. Verona
  15. Bari
  16. Perugia
  17. Sicily
  18. Turin
  19. San Marino
  20. Little-known places in Italy

1. Rome

Rome , the capital of modern Italy. Wherever you look, you see history everywhere. It is one of the cities that has managed to be in the center of not only Europe but also the world since ancient times. Along with ancient monuments, medieval churches, wonderful fountains, museums and Renaissance palaces, modern Rome is a very lively and intensely living city.

If you read my blog post A Majestic Open Air Museum: Rome , you can better understand the spirit of the city. Rome Travel Guide gives information about your planned trip to Rome. The list of places to visit in Rome is a comprehensive list of all visiting points.

The oldest heritage of Rome is located in the area where Ancient Roman culture was born and grew. It was here that the transformation from a city-state to an enormous empire spanning the entire Mediterranean took place. The Roman Forum , known as the center where the ancient Roman civilization developed , was the city center of the period. One feels like a part of history while walking around.

The Colosseum , one of the most magnificent works of Roman history , is one of the important symbols of the city. The Forum of Trajan , located in its immediate vicinity , was Rome’s last imperial square. The Arch of Titus , dedicated to Emperor Titus and his military achievements in the Siege of Jerusalem, is worth seeing.

Palatine Hill , an ancient site with a magnificent view of the Roman Forum. Legend has it that the brothers Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were suckled on this hill by a she-wolf. The Capitolini Hill, the religious center of Ancient Rome , is home to the magnificent Capitoli Museums , which represent Roman civilization .

The Pantheon Temple , one of the best surviving structures from Ancient Rome , was built as a magnificent pagan temple and was converted into a church after the 7th century. Castel Sant’Angelo Castle is one of the valuable legacies of Rome.

Santa Maria Maggiore , one of the largest basilicas in Rome, dedicated to the Virgin Mary , and the second largest church in Rome, St. Paul’s Basilica is one of the places to visit in Rome. Villa Borghese , the symbol of Rome’s superiority in taste , with its Baroque style Borghese Gardens. It is exhibited in Galleria Borghese , which is among the many masterpieces that fascinate people .

Rome has beautiful squares decorated with magnificent monuments and statues. Venezia Square , located next to the magnificent Venetian Palace, Popolo Square , one of the largest squares in Rome , Spagna Square , decorated with the famous Spanish Steps , are the first places that come to mind when Rome is mentioned. Not to forget the Trevi Fountain .

Campo di Fiori Square , which has been home to a market where vegetables, fruits and colorful flowers have been sold for centuries, is also very beautiful. Piazza Navona , the meeting point of local people, is the most beautiful square of the city. It has a lively atmosphere with painters and musicians, cafes and restaurants, and magnificent pools adorned with magnificent sculptures.

✈️Rome has two airports, Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino International Airport) and Ciampino Airport. Turkish Airlines drops Pegasus and Alitalia passengers to Fiumicino International Airport. Ryanair, Wizz Air and EasyJet planes land at Ciampino, an airport where mostly charter and private flights are made.

2. Vatican City

Vatican City is the administrative center of Catholic Christianity, where the Pope, the spiritual leader of the country, also resides. Although it is completely located in Rome, it is a different country. It is one of the smallest countries in the world, both in terms of population and size. The words of the Pope, who is the head of state in the country ruled by absolute monarchy, have the force of law.

The spiritual aspect of the city, which is surrounded by high walls, is very strong, its churches, museums, gardens and squares are incredibly attractive. The famous San Pietro Square of the Vatican, the religious center of the Catholics, is one of the most magnificent squares I have ever seen in my life. Designed by Bernini, the 284 columns are impressive for photography lovers like me.

St. Peter’s Basilica , located in the square, which is the only area of ​​the country outside the walled area, is the largest basilica in the Christian world. Its magnificence, decorations and mystical texture surrounds you. 20 thousand people can pray here at the same time. The dome of the church is the first striking structure in the Roman skyline. Amazing architecture, I was amazed.

The basilica, which is magnificent only to be seen from the outside, contains a very rich content. One of the twelve apostles of Jesus, located under the basilica, St. Long queues form to visit Peter’s tomb. Michelangelo’s ‘La Pietà’ sculpture, which depicts the Virgin embracing the lifeless body of Jesus who was taken down from the cross, is one of the most valuable works of the Basilica.

The Sistine Chapel , decorated with extraordinary ceiling frescoes by Michelangelo , is also magnificent. But the thing to be careful about is to be appropriately dressed before visiting this place. Women should wear dresses that do not show their shoulders, belly and knees.

It is worth waiting for the long queues at the Vatican Museums and the surrounding Vatican Gardens , where the world’s most important artworks that make the Pope’s presence felt are exhibited .

3. Venice

Venice is a unique city built on 118 islets. There are more than 600 bridges connecting the islands. One of the most beautiful and romantic places in Italy. You encounter a rich historical texture in every corner of these islets, where the Republic of Venice, one of the powerful states of the time, was born.

Everything just stands before you as it was a hundred years ago. I love this city very much, but some people can’t get warm for some reason. Getting lost in its narrow fairy-tale streets connected by bridges was my favorite thing while visiting Venice. You can reach it by walking from one end to the other in a few hours.

Mark’s Square, described by Napoleon as the most formidable hall in Europe, is the most crowded place in the city. You can start your tour of Venice from here. St. Mark’s Basilica overlooking the square is one of the most important architectural and religious symbols of Venice. At the corner of its square rises the 12th-century Bell Tower. It used to be allowed to go up to the tower, now I don’t know how.

Proof of the rich commercial past of the Venetians’ dukes, Palazzo Ducale is an exciting palace with its magnificent interior design. The Bridge of Sighs is one of the most photographed places, where prisoners are passed through to take one last look at Venice before they are executed.

The Grand Canal, the most famous and largest canal of Venice, the city of canals, is like the artery of the city. To visit the canal, you can take the number 1 vaporettos that stop at each pier. On both sides of the canal, there are more than 200 striking buildings built between the 14th and 18th centuries.

The Rialto Bridge, which divides the Grand Canal into two, is one of the spots where you can take the most beautiful photos, even if you have difficulty walking due to the crowd.

✈️Venice Marco Polo Airport is located 12 km north of the city center. There are direct flights from Turkey to Venice from Istanbul Airport by Turkish Airlines, and from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport by Pegasus Airlines.

4. Florence

Florence is a Renaissance city that will take you back in time with its medieval streets. It is located in the Tuscany region of Italy. The city, where the Renaissance was born and which has a very important place in history, culture and art, is called Firenze in Italian. Known as the ‘Open Air Art Gallery’, the city may be the first place you go in Italy if you love art, architecture and museums.

The birthplace of famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri and Michelangelo, the city is filled with some of Italy’s brightest art galleries. In Florence, where only one of the dozens of churches has turned into a prize for its visitors, some of the city’s sights are among Italy’s most recognizable icons. Like Ponte Vecchio, Michelangelo’s David, Brunelleschi’s Dome, the whole city is like an Italian Renaissance showcase.

In Florence, where this humanist art movement managed to break through the dark ages of Europe, it is possible to see sculptures with only heads and shoulders left among the collection of glorious palaces, churches and museums.

Walking is the best way to travel in Florence, as the city’s most interesting places are within walking distance of each other. Most museums such as the Uffizi Gallery and Bargello have some of the magnificent collections of paintings from the Renaissance period. The Accademia Gallery is famous for its collection of Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo.

Another interesting place in the city is the famous Pitti Palace, where you can see the famous art collection of the Medici Family. The Institute and the History of Science Museum, which features original drawings and models of the Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei, are also worth seeing. Galileo’s middle finger is on display in this museum.

To enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city, you need to visit Santa Maria del Fiore. Its dome is said to be an engineering feat of the Renaissance era.

Ponte Vecchio , the oldest bridge built on the Arno River, is one of the symbols of the city. This bridge is in Florence II. It was the only bridge to survive Nazi bombing during World War II.

You need to spare at least 2 full days to visit Florence. No, if you say it’s enough if I just walk its streets, it’s half a day, but I don’t recommend such short trips. You can take a day trip to Pisa and San Gimignano from Florence.

✈️There are no direct flights to Florence from Turkey. You can go to Amerigo Vespucci Airport, which connects the city to the world, by connecting flights from Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Milan, Rome and Pisa. Florence is 1.5 hours from Rome, 2 hours and 5 minutes from Venice, and 2 hours and 15 minutes from Milan by train.

5. Milan

Milan is the city where the pulse of fashion beats not only in Italy but also in the world. It hosts fashion designers and fashionistas from all over the world with the annual Fashion Week. On the other hand, it is one of the most important financial and commercial centers in the world.

Milan, the richest city in its country, is one of the most important cities that nourish the modern world culture with its numerous cultural centers, art galleries, exhibitions and libraries. It is the second most populated city after Rome. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping centers in the world, reveals the rich past of the city.

The Duomo Cathedral, one of the largest Gothic religious buildings in the world, is of course a delight. It is the fourth largest cathedral in Europe after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, St. Paul’s in London and Seville. The ‘The Last Supper’ fresco, made by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan in the 15th century at the request of Duke Lodovico Sforza, can be seen in the Sforzesco Castle.

Lake Como, which can be reached by train from Milan, inhabited by Hollywood stars, Lake Lugano on the Swiss border , the picturesque mountain landscapes and the Dolomites region with its small lakes hidden in between are exquisite places beyond the words of fascinating.

✔︎ Bergamo is one of the small undiscovered cities in Italy. The city, 1 hour northeast of Milan, is the true star of Lombardy . Often overlooked by travelers, Bergamo is a romantic walled city filled with cobblestone streets and old palaces. One of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The center of the Italian textile industry.

Lying at the foot of the Alps, Bergamo is one of the best cities that reflects the classical texture of Italian cities. It has a mystical atmosphere within the 6 km long historical city walls built during the Venetian Republic. It is an elegant and aesthetic small city with its simple but tasteful buildings and narrow streets dating back to the Baroque period. It is possible to breathe the medieval air in the city, which has many historical and impressive architectural structures. Civica Tower is under the protection of UNESCO.

✔︎ Lake Como is a region located in the Lombardy region of Italy and bordered by Switzerland. Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, the lake is known as the summer resort of celebrities and jet setters. This third largest lake in Italy has a breathtaking view. The towns around Lake Como, especially Bellagio, must be seen.

Located in northern Italy in the Lombardy region, Lake Como is 146 square kilometers wide at the foot of the Alps. It offers a peaceful and enjoyable getaway with boat tours in summer and spring months.

✔︎ Lake Maggiore is an ancient glacial lake in the north of Italy, in the south of Switzerland. Maggiore, the second largest lake in Italy, is a corner of paradise with the islands of Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori.

✈️Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to Milan Malpensa Airport. Pegasus flies to Bergamo Airport, also known as Orio al Serio, 45 km from Milan. Bergamo city center is 10 minutes away from the airport by car.

6. Bologna

Bologna is one of the coolest cities in Italy. It is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. The city, which has unique examples of medieval architecture, is famous for both its left-hand view and its red brick buildings. It is known as the ‘Red city’ because of the red-tiled houses that fry the silhouette of the city. It is one of the most peaceful cities in the country with its unique atmosphere.

Maggiore Square, a historical center with its medieval buildings, is the most important square of the city and literally a crossroads. The Two Towers are architectural masterpieces built in the 12th century and shown among Bologna’s landmarks. San Petronio Basilica, one of the first places that come to mind among the places to visit in Bologna, took its name from the saint who lived in the building between 431-450. Pope II. The death ceremony of Jean Paul also took place in this basilica.

The Venetian Window with its magnificent canal view is one of the spots that can be visited in a short time in the city’s leaning twin towers Asinelli and Garisenda Bologna. It also has one of the oldest universities in Europe. Neptune Fountain and Torri di Bologna are must-see places in Bologna. The Basilica of San Luke, which has an exquisite view at the highest point of the city, is located on the Guardia Hill.

In the city center, which can be easily visited on foot, motorcycles and scooters can be found at every corner. Bologna, which is a transit point between Italy and Europe, has important railway, road and airline connections.

✈️It is very easy to reach Bologna, where there are direct flights from Istanbul Airport 7 days a week. Pegasus flights to Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport take an average of 2-2.5 hours. Bologna is about an hour and a half from Venice, 40 minutes from Florence and two hours from Rome by train.

7. Naples

Naples is another colorful city of Italy. Located 1.5 hours south of Rome, in a volcanic region under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius , Naples stretches along a gulf named after itself. With its unique culture, UNESCO Heritage old town, historical richness and the importance they give to eating and drinking, it is truly Italy.

Naples is truly Italian with its streets running through the windows, smiling and noisy people, young people spending time in cafes, children running around and playing games at every corner. It is also the homeland of pizza, which is the gift of Italian cuisine to the world. The name of the Neapolitan pizza is a heirloom from the name of the city. It is a city that lives intertwined with water with its hilly streets descending to the sea and promenades along the coast.

A Complete Italian: Naples , Naples Travel Guide , Naples Places to Visit and How to Get to Naples in my blog posts, I have shared extensive information about the city. Most travelers skip Naples, but I love Naples and the places to see around Naples . Explore this legendary region on a 5-7 day excursion that covers Naples and the Amalfi Coast. My choice of accommodation in Naples was Hotel Royal Continental on the beach , I recommend it.

Naples is home to many historical and artistic treasures. Centro Storico , a historical region on the UNESCO list, is home to interesting streets. In the heart of Centro Storico, Piazza Gesù Nuovo Square and Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo are the best points to start your trip to Naples. Santa Chiara Monastery is one of the most important places to visit in the center of Naples.

The famous Scannapoli Street, which you will reach when you walk towards Via San Biago, starting from Piazza Gesu Nuovo with the Via Benedetto Croce road, divides the old center of Naples in two. Via San Gregorio Armeno , one of the most beautiful streets of the city , is known as the artists’ street and you can see the designs specific to the region here. Piazza del Plebiscito is the center of the modern city and is the busiest place in Naples.

The main places to see in Naples, a port city, are the Archaeological Museum of Naples, the underground city of Naples Sotterranea, Castel Nuovo and the oldest castle of Naples, Castel dell’ Ovo Megaride. The shopping center Galleria Umberto has an exquisite architecture with its glass ceiling. The medieval castle Castel Sant’Elmo is the best place to watch the city from above.

With the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy in 79 AD, the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum , which were under lava, were covered with layers of lava and ash and destroyed. These ancient cities, which have been the subject of many movies and legends, are located near Naples.

Capri Island , located in the Bay of Naples, is a town connected to Naples as an administration. Capri Island, which can be reached in 1 hour by ferryboats departing from Naples Port, is one of the most popular tourism centers of Southern Italy.

Capri turns into a lively place, especially in the summer months, with its architectural structures reflecting the imperial period, exquisite Renaissance-inspired villas, quality local wines, clear sea, impressive beaches, blue caves and lush green hills. Romantic couples can go with accommodation. Travelers with little time can commute from Naples for the day. Check out my Capri Island Travel Guide and how to get there blog posts.

✈️Turkish Airlines has direct flights from Istanbul to Naples every day of the week. Another alternative would be to fly to Rome and then to Naples. Naples is 2.5 hours south from Rome.

8. Sorrento

Sorrento is a city located in the south of Naples, on the west coast, at the foot of a cliff with a magnificent view from the top of a cliff with orange groves and olive groves. I chose this city as the accommodation center during my trip to the Amalfi coast.

The most popular towns of these coasts, Positano and Amalfi, are both expensive and overcrowded in terms of accommodation, and it is not easy to find a place to your liking. Famous for its lemons and limoncello, a type of lemon liqueur, the best thing to do in Sorrento is to casually stroll through its wonderful streets. Via San Cesareo is the main street and historic district of the city.

The San Francesco Complex, consisting of the Basilica of Sant’Antonino and a church and monastery, is here. I also liked Tasso Square, the heart of activity in Sorrento. Sorrento Cathedral, with its impressive clock tower, is easily noticeable. The San Francisco Church and San Francisco Convent, located on the San Francesco Piazza, are must-sees with their arches and architecture.

For a different perspective on Sorrento, you can take a walk to the Marina Grande and Marina Piccola ports. You can swim here. In addition, the public gardens on the hills have a wonderful view of both the sea and the Vesuvius Volcano from afar.

Trains from Naples to Sorrento depart from Stazione Napoli Centrale in Piazza Garibaldi, the main station, every half hour between 6 am and 11 pm. My Sorrento Places to Visit and How to Get to Sorento blog posts also contain guides. I stayed at the Hotel Michelangelo in Sorrento . I recommend 👍

9. Amalfi Coast

Positano, Italy

The Amalfi Coast , with its large and small towns and villages, stretches between Positano and Salerno like a carefully placed pearl on the steep mountains to the sea. Located in the south of the Bay of Naples, this region is considered to be the most magnificent coast of Italy. The scenery of the 40 km route called Amalfi Drive is magnificent and this geography is on the UNESCO list.

Along the 40-kilometer road stretching between Positano and Vietri sul Mare, there are delightful towns and villages, large and small, located on the mountains rising steeply to the sea. There are fascinating mountain passes, turquoise sea views, tunnels and beautiful villages where time seemed to have stood still years ago. Between the villages, fragrant lemon groves, olive groves and vineyards stretch out.

As you pass by by car, you stop and watch at almost every point and get lost in the streets of small towns. Positano, Amalfi and Ravello are the most popular destinations on these coasts. A few hours are enough to visit each one, but if you want to live and feel, stay in one and visit the others for the day.

✔︎ Positano is the sweetest coolest romantic town on this coast. It is built on the slopes of two hills, which overlook a vast sea view from above. The houses are colorful in the town that best exhibits the Italian Dolce Vita spirit. John Steinbeck, who visited the region in the 1950s, called it “the kind of unreal, dreamlike place”. Houses reminiscent of Moorish architecture are lined up as steps on the steep slopes overlooking the Sirenuse Islands. The views of all of them are amazing!

The dome of the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, located in the middle of the harbor with its ceramic roof, is a favorite of Positano photographs. I shared a lot of information about the town in my blog posts, such as Romantic and Cute Town: Positano , Positano Travel Guide , Places to Visit in Positano , How to Get to Positano and Positano Shopping . You can take a look at it for an economical trip. Hotel Le Sirenuse, which has been converted into a hotel from the summer house of a well-established Italian family, can be preferred for accommodation.

✔︎ Amalfi , like its competitor Positano, has exquisite scenery and beautiful architectural structures. Reflections of its rich historical past are still standing. It became a popular holiday destination for the British upper class and aristocracy in the 1920s. It is possible to reach everywhere from Piazza Duomo, which is the heart of the city and is considered the center.

The town is already tiny. With its clean sea, beaches and quality facilities, there are also diving and boat tour options in Amalfi. My Amalfi Places to Visit and How to Get to Amalfi blog posts can give you an idea about the beautiful town.

✔︎ Ravello has an image that you will never want to leave with its clean air and perfect view, very high above the sea. Sea, sun, tranquility, good food, great wines, warm Italians and plenty of peace must be the words to describe this place.

With its lush texture, Ravello has inspired many people from Boccaccio to Wagner with its peaceful atmosphere. You come out to the charming town amid the vanilla-like scent of the lemon trees on the terraces.

✈️To go to the Amalfi Coast, you need to fly to Naples. You can make a 1-week excursion route in the form of Rome, Naples, Capri, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

10. Puglia


Puglia (pronounced Pulia), peninsula-shaped region in the south of Italy along the Adriatic Coast, is located in the valley named after Itria, known as the saint protecting travelers. This region is famous for its baroque cities, small towns, sprawling vineyards and olive groves. This is the main center of the country’s wine production.

If an affordable holiday, nature, delicious food, and very good red and white wine are pleasing to your ears, Puglia is a geography that should be on your way. In Puglia, which is located in the region that coincides with the heel of the boot, the Itria Valley, Lecce, Otranto have many important places to see, although there are prominent places.

Lecce is the best baroque city in the region, with lavishly decorated churches and buildings with elaborately carved columns. Otranto , on the other hand, is famous for its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters that invite swimming. Forces under the command of Gedik Ahmed Pasha had controlled Otranto for 13 months, as the first step of Mehmed the Conqueror in his ideal of conquering Rome. If I write 1 paragraph for each of the places to visit in Puglia, it will be a complete blog post.

The Itria Valley (Valle d’Itria) has its own unique features. I had the opportunity to visit the cities of Martina Franca, Cisternino, Locorotondo, Ceglie Messapica and Ostuni. The prices are even more affordable than other expensive touristic Italian cities in terms of food and accommodation.

The real name of the region is the famous Trulli Houses . These UNESCO-listed houses with different architecture can be seen almost everywhere in the Puglia region. When taxes were imposed on every house with a roof of the overlords of the time, houses with a round architecture emerged, built with overlapping stones without the use of mortar.

✔︎ Alberobello is not located in the Itria Valley, but it is located in the north of the valley geography. It is a very sweet city that is known as the ‘Capital of Trulli’ as it has more than 1,500 Trulli houses with conical roofs, mortarless walls and white and gray colors.

The city, which has been on the UNESCO list since 1996, has an authentic appearance as if it came out of a fairy tale. Some Trulli houses are used for museum or souvenir sales. You can also stay in some of them. Let me remind you that it is a more expensive place compared to other Puglia towns.

✔︎ Martina Franca is located in the heart of Itria Valley. The largest settlement in the Itria Valley. It was the place where the rich and noble families of the period lived. It got rich because it was on trade routes. Castles, palaces and fortifications were built in the city.

Martina Franca is like a gateway to history with its many palaces and churches. It had become a place I loved, with its pale stone-walled and whitewashed houses and winding streets. Masseria Calongo or Lo Smeraldo Hotel can be preferred for accommodation.

✔︎ Locorotondo is one of the cutest settlements in the region. This is a very pleasant place with its white-walled houses, narrow streets and panoramic valley views. Very close to Alberobello. For accommodation, Agriturismo Masseria Madonna dell’Arco is suitable for both seeing how cheese is made and discovering delicious Puglia dishes .

✔︎ Cisternino is a very cute place built on a high place between a wide plain and hills surrounded by hundreds of years old olive trees. Like other cities of Puglia, it has an almost unspoilt texture. The narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses and the stairs decorated with colorful potted flowers are very beautiful. Masseria Calongo , which is 3 km away from Cisternino, which was chosen as the cittaslow city of the year in 2014 , can be preferred both for a good meal and for accommodation.

✔︎ Ostuni is one of the most popular cities in the region. Also known as the ‘White City’ due to its whitewashed houses, Ostuni amazes those who see it with its magnificent gothic cathedrals. This is my favorite place in the area. When you reach the city walls from its winding streets, you see the magnificent Adriatic landscape in front of you. Masseria Asciano is delicious for stay and dinner.

✔︎ Ceglie Messapica is a charming town in the south of the Itria Valley, just 18 km south of Martina Franca. It is very pleasant to walk through the narrow streets decorated with flower pots of the quiet town, where the historical texture is felt in every corner.

The most convenient airports for transportation to the region are in the cities of Bari and Birndisi. I passed through Bari to the Itria Valley. Unlike a sun and sand holiday by the sea, I think Itria Valley is a delicious route for an enjoyable gourmet and cultural tour in this little-known region of Italy.

11. Genoa

Cinque Terre

Genoa is the capital of the Liguria Region, one of the 20 regions of Italy that was granted partial regional autonomy under the 1948 Constitution . Located in northwest Italy, Genova has the largest port in Italy and the second largest port in the Mediterranean after Marseille.

A typical medieval city with narrow streets, 16th century palaces, Baroque buildings, Romanesque churches and beautiful squares. The city where Christopher Columbus was born was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2004. Portofino, the city of lovers, and Cinque Terre, one of the most beautiful villages in Europe, are among the places to see near Genova.

There are many medieval churches, palaces and museums in Genoa, which has important structures such as the old historical center of the city, Palazzi dei Rolli, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Lanterna Lighthouse, Porto Antico.

In this friendly port city, San Matteo Square, the Palace of the Dukes, Palazzo Reale, as well as the port area surrounded by colorful houses from the 3rd century are very pleasant. Especially at night, the sounds of cutlery coming from the illuminated windows of the buildings and the pleasant noise of the street musicians and restaurants increase the charm of the narrow streets. Although the metro network is not very developed, buses are common in public transportation. Genoans mostly use motorcycles.

✔︎ Portofino is more famous resort than Genova itself. It is one of the most perfect holiday destinations in the Mediterranean with its beautiful scenery, mild climate and first-class service approach. The elegant island has been hosting distinguished guests for years, from Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart to Robert De Niro, George Clooney, Madonna.

A castle towering over a rocky promontory surrounded by lush vegetation, the town is one of Italy’s most photogenic fishing towns. It is a route that attracts romantic honeymoon couples with its delicious cafes close to the beach where you can watch the fishermen, the magnificent sunset at the sea in the evening, fish restaurants where you can enjoy seafood.

Standing like a crown around a sheltered and hidden bay, this town can be put in the first place for those looking for Italy honeymoon destinations. If you love shopping, great boutiques of the best Italian designers await you.

✔︎ Nervi is a romantic seaside village with a picturesque Mediterranean landscape. Close to Genoa, it was a popular destination among Europeans and Russian intellectuals in the 20th century due to its mild climate.

✔︎ Camogli is a summer vacation spot for Italian families who love to spend their holidays in a colorful village away from the crowds. The village is less than an hour’s drive from Genoa

✔︎ Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s most beautiful little villages, like a hidden gem. Almost isolated from the rest of Liguria, Cinque Terre means ‘Five Lands’. It is a name given to the name of not only one place, but 5 villages consisting of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore.

✈️Turkish Airlines has direct flights between Istanbul and Genoa. The journey to Genoa, which is accessible 7 days a week, takes 3 hours from Istanbul. At the same time, there are train services from many Italian cities to Brignole Train Station, which is the largest train station in northern Italy.

12. Pisa

Pisa is one of Italy’s most visited cities. In northern Italy, it is famous for the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Piazza Del Duomo area, which includes the Leaning Tower of Pisa along with the Pisa Cathedral and baptistery, has been on the UNESCO list since 1987.

The first point that comes to mind when talking about places to visit in Pisa, a classical Roman city, is the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower, which was completed in about 200 years and designed from marble, must be one of the best-known places in Italy. Most Italy tours add Pisa to the itinerary just to see and photograph this tower.

Built over 1,000 years ago, the Pisa Cathedral has inspired many religious buildings built in different parts of Italy. The cathedral, with its Romanesque architectural influences, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, stands beside the tower. Apart from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the cathedral and baptistery are also on the UNESCO list.

When you leave the tower and dive into the streets of the city, you come across palaces bearing the traces of the Renaissance, gothic and romanesque churches, medieval buildings, narrow and winding stone-paved streets. Pisa, which has been shown among the 4 most powerful maritime republics established in Italy throughout history, is also the place where the famous scientist Galileo Galilei lived.

✈️To Pisa Turkish Airlines flies to Pisa during the season. The train departing from Florence Santa Maria Novella train station takes you to Pisa in 1 hour. A holiday route from Florence to Pisa can be planned.

13. Siena

Siena is an incredibly beautiful small city with its historic city center included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Siena is located in the north of Italy in the Tuscany Region, known for its impressive country life and vineyards.

I still remember the pleasure of wandering around the streets of the city I visited for a very long time. After all, it was a city-state that had its name written among the 4 most powerful maritime republics of Italy in the past. It is the legacy of the period. In the majestic Siena Cathedral there are statues of Donatello, Bernini and Michelangelo.

Piazza del Campo, one of the largest and most beautiful city squares in Europe, is the heart of the city. The world-famous Palio Horse races, which date back to the 12th century, are held in this square twice a year. Due to the size of the square, in the Palio Festival, where only 10 horses can run side by side, the riders ride without a bow and compete fiercely.

The Gothic-style Sansedoni Palace (Palazzo Sansedoni) and the flamboyant Town Hall (Palazzo Pubblico) are among the city’s most important historical buildings. Due to the University of Siena, which was founded in 1240, one of the oldest universities in the world, it also has a considerable student population.

✔︎ San Gimignano is a well-preserved medieval town surrounded by walls, located 45 minutes from Siena. Cisterne Square, considered the center of the city, which was built by rival noble families in the 12th and 13th centuries, is exquisite. In addition, the town of Volterra , which has been the subject of Hollywood movies and TV series (Game of Thrones, Twilight Zone, etc.), is also very close.

I did not stay in Siena, it is mostly visited together with Florence on the route of Italy tours. It takes 1.5 hours from Florence by train. The daily Pisa, Volterra, San Gimignano route can be made from Siena.

✈️There is no direct flight to Siena from our country. The closest cities to fly to Siena are Florence and Pisa. You can fly to these cities with THY or Pegasus and go to Siena by train or bus.

14. Verona

Verona is known for the story of Romeo and Juliet that took place during the Roman period. Having a very attractive medieval city center, Verona is famous for its opera festivals. Rich in monuments and artistic works. Those who see the Verona Arena with a capacity of 22 thousand people for the first time may confuse it with the Colosseum.

The city, which has many buildings from the Roman period and a magnificent castle, is the fourth most visited city in Italy. Located in the northern region of its country, Verona is one of the must-see places in Italy with its museums, art galleries and vibrant cultural and artistic life.

The heart of the city beats in Piazza delle Erbe Square. Surrounded by historical houses resembling paintings, there is a 14th century fountain in the middle. You have to wait a long time to be photographed on the small balcony where Juliet, who is in the romantic work of the English writer Shakespeare, is waiting for Romeo.

One of the city’s most impressive structures is Castelvecchio Castle. Piazza dei Signori Square, on the other hand, is among the places to visit, the Renaissance period masterpiece Loggia del Consiglio building. Although the Romanesque Verona Cathedral was damaged by earthquakes, it has been restored many times.

✔︎ Lake Garda is one of the 3 largest lakes in the country, located between Verona and Brescia in Northern Italy. Each of the large and small towns and villages surrounding the lake is more beautiful than the other. Each one is very rich in terms of history, scenery and gastronomy. If you are considering a romantic Italy honeymoon, choose Garda. It is possible to take a day trip to this beautiful lake in Milan.

Desenzano del Garda will probably be the first place to witness the exquisite beauty of the lake if you are coming to Lake Garda by train or from the A4 Autostrada. There are many hostels and luxury hotels, as well as plenty of camping areas. A place to be noted for nature lovers.

In the south of the lake, in the town of Sirmione, the Jamaica beach, which has healing waters with its clean, crystal-clear lake water, as well as the thermal water spring gushing through the rocks, is jam-packed in summer. Bus lines to the towns and villages in the south of the lake also pass through the center of Sirmione.

✔︎ Sirmione is a small and charming town to see on the coast of Garda. Although it is clichéd as the ‘Pearl of Lake Garda’, it deserves it to the fullest. The town’s streets, sidewalks and squares have distinctive character and colours. Motor vehicles are prohibited in the narrow streets of the town, which is the retirement dream of rich Italians, and its ice cream is famous.

✈️There is no airline company that offers direct flights to Verona in our country. Lufthansa has connecting flights from Istanbul Airport to Frankfurt. The closest airport to Verona with direct flights from Turkey is Venice Airport. You can also fly to Milan if you find cheap tickets .

15. Bari

Bari lies on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in southeast Italy. It is the second largest city in Southern Italy after Naples. A true Mediterranean. It has an exquisite architectural coastline, miles of sandy beaches, historical towns, authentic cuisine, olive oil, wine vineyards and a peaceful atmosphere.

It doesn’t have an exaggerated architecture, it’s not a city that will amaze people, but it’s a city that has ‘a little bit’ of everything. There are churches worth seeing, magnificent houses along the coastline, beaches, bustling streets and friendly people.

Piazza Mercantile, the meeting point of the city, is the center of life. Numerous cafes, restaurants, museums and government offices are lined up around this square. Colonna Della Giustizia, located in the square, is a marble structure where those who were in debt in the past and those who did not want to pay their debts were punished. Borrowers were disclosed by connecting to the column.

Strada delle Orecchiette is one of the must-see streets to get to know Bari. This street is an indispensable stop to witness daily life, touch local people, and get to know the market place culture. Svevo Palace is one of the best examples of medieval architecture in Bari.

The bones of St. Nicholas of Patara , known as Santa Claus in popular culture , are housed in the Basilica of St. Nicolas in Bari. The third largest opera house in Italy is also in Bari. Teatro Petruzelli is fascinating with its loggias, gold-embroidered ceiling, ornate interior decoration and velvet upholstery.

Bari does not attract much attention among Italian cities, but it would be a nice route together with Alberebello, Matera and Puglia region. The taste of a 1-week holiday, starting from Bari, including Alberebello, Matera and visiting all the towns of the Itria Valley, will remain on your palate. It can also be visited by public transport, but I think renting a car is a must.

✔︎ Polignano a Mare is a small town of white and gold buildings in a spectacular location perched on a steep rock overlooking the Adriatic. It’s a nice place to go to wander around its quite historical center, even to have a coffee in one of its small squares.

✔︎ Matera is one of the oldest settlements in the world. The place where the first settlement was seen 10 thousand years ago is on the UNESCO list. It is also the place where many historical-themed films of Italian cinema are shot. The city, which has an architectural appearance with Arab-Byzantine and French influences, is worth seeing with its historical and cultural riches.

✈️It is possible to fly to Bari from Istanbul Airport with Turkish Airlines and Alitalia Airlines.

16. Perugia

Perugia , the center of the Umbria region that has been granted partial regional autonomy from Italy. Dating back to the 9th century BC, Perugia is the capital of the Umbria region and is located right in the middle of Italy. The University of Perugia, which was founded in 1308 in the city located in the south of Florence, hosts young people from many parts of the world. Perugia is a cosmopolitan city with two universities and preserves its unique, charming atmosphere.

The historical city center of Perugia, once an important Etruscan settlement, is built on top of a magnificent slope. The city, which is built on a valley and awaits its visitors with its unique view, has many important monuments and a very beautiful square. Everywhere is bumpy, it takes energy to visit the city.

Historical Etruscan buildings, labyrinthine streets, cut stone houses, balconies decorated with flowers are magnificent. Its main square, Piazza IV Novembre, and Fontana Maggiore, in the middle of the square, are beautiful. The gothic style Duomo is also here.

The city, where world-famous jazz festivals are held every summer, is a wonderful place where foreigners can learn Italian with its universities. Umbria Jazz, one of the most important jazz festivals in Europe, is held in July. Also, keep in mind the Chocolate Festival held at the end of October. It can be reached in about 2 hours from Rome or Florence.

✈️Although the regional airport Aeroporto Internazionale dell’Umbria is located in Umbria, there are no direct flights from Turkey. It is a 1-hour train ride from Florence and a 2-hour journey from Rome.

17. Sicily

Sicily is the semi-autonomous region of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean. Sicily, one of the most important tourism islands of the Mediterranean with its magnificent coastline, is the center of the community consisting of Lipari, Ustica, Egadi, Pantelleria Island and Pelagie Islands. It is almost three times the size of Cyprus.

A place where the scents of orange and lemon trees feel perfumed in the spring. Although it is poorer compared to other modern and rich regions of Italy, it slowly recovers and offers its guests its historical and natural beauties generously. This is a very colorful and mixed culture island where honeymooners can’t get enough of visiting.

In Sicily, where everyone who comes to the island leaves a trace of himself, the people of the island learned science and art from the Greeks, Christianity from the Romans, agriculture from the Arabs, and architecture from the Normans. It has its own tax, education system, separate parliament. It’s like another culture, another country in Italy.

Catania , the largest city of the island, built on the skirts of Mount Etna , contains many treasures such as Taormina , the medieval town close to Etna, the new favorite of Hollywood stars , Siracusa where Archimedes lived, and Cefalu , the charming fishing town .

Catania is an impressive settlement built at the foot of the famous Etna Volcano. Catania Fontanarossa Airport in Catania, which is very active in summer, is the most important flight point of the region. Like other Sicilian cities, Catania was culturally influenced as it was ruled by Romans, Arabs and Normans. Small mountain villages, golden beaches and a wonderful holiday awaits you.

Palermo is Sicily’s largest city. Most of the local people live here. It is a lively city with its colorful streets, magnificent beaches, restaurants serving delicious food. The first thing you will discover in the city is the taste. Original Italian pizzas, made like art with centuries-old formulas, can change your perception of pizza forever.

Taormina is the most touristic area of ​​the island, just 45 minutes from Catania Airport. Taormina with its uniquely beautiful landscape; It is very active with its beaches, beach clubs, streets and avenues.

Mount Etna , 1 hour from Taormina, is the highest active volcanic mountain in Europe with an altitude of 3345 meters. Despite the volcanic soil structure, trekking trips on the mountain with incredible beauty and variety of vegetation promise unforgettable memories.

Syracuse is the place where Greek culture is felt most intensely on the island. Ancient temples that have been converted into churches or cathedrals, magnificent squares accessible from narrow streets, the Necropolis of Pantalica on the world heritage list, and Ortigia Island, the birthplace of Greek mythology gods Apollo and Artemis, are worth seeing.

Cefalu is perhaps the most romantic spot on the island. If you are going as a couple, do not leave without stopping by here. All streets lead to the sea in this typical fishing town, which is among the places to visit in Sicily. Wander the narrow streets of Cefalu, 40 minutes away from Palermo, which smells of laundry detergent, visit the town of Carleone, where Vito Corleone, the subject of the movie Baba, lives.

✈️ Turkish Airlines flies directly to Catania, Sicily. It is easier to reach the island with low-cost flights from within Italy. Sicily can also be reached by regionale trains from within Italy, but this journey takes about 12 hours.

18. Turin

Turin , which hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics, is a huge cultural center with its magnificent museums, elegant shops and delicious restaurants. In addition, many historical cafes, art workshops and arches are some of the places to visit in the city, where you can see very beautiful examples of baroque architecture and historical palaces. Turin is located in the northwest of Italy, just at the foot of the Po River and the Alps.

19. San Marino

San Marino is a completely different country from Italy. It should still be on the list of hidden gems in Italy, as it is one of the least visited countries in Europe. This tiny republic is the 5th smallest country in the world. The landlocked country is one of the 5 microstates in Europe. It is the oldest state in Europe that has preserved its borders today. The first constitution in the world was adopted in San Marino in 1600.

Half a day is enough to visit the whole country, which is located in a forest area on a small hill in the Apennine Mountains. You can feel the historical texture when you walk around the narrow streets lined with stone houses and the stone roads that connect the castles.

Guita Castle, Monte Titano, Basilica Di San Marino, Montale, Cesta Tower, Centro Storico Di San Marino are the most important places to see. San Marino, near the northwest Adriatic coast, does not have an airport. You can go to Rimini by train from Bologna and from there to this tiny country.

20. Little-known places in Italy

There are also undiscovered places in Italy that I did not add to the list. You may not have heard of most of them. I had the opportunity to go to some of them, keep in mind. Maybe you want to add it to your list of places to visit in Italy. Some of them are attractive enough to deserve to be vacation destinations in their own right.

Ravenna , located in the Emilia-Romagna region, including Bologna, was the center of the Roman Empire’s Western Mediterranean Navy ; Modena , famous for its vinegar and Ferrari cars in the same region, and Parma , named after the round shields used by the Roman armies, are the first places that come to mind. The town of Rimini , which is like the Bodrum of Italy , is also in this region.

If you spend 1 year in beautiful small villages at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy, you still have places to visit. The fishing town of Varenna , about 60 kilometers north of Milan, is magnificent. Surrounded by medieval castles and vineyards, next to the dazzling Dolomite Mountains in South Tyrol, Bolzano and Val di Funes are like Switzerland in Italy.

Two towns near Verona are Padova , on the banks of the Bacchiglione River, and Veneto , with its medieval churches and cobblestone streets ; Trento , known for its natural beauties in the north of Lake Garda ; With Tropea at the tip of the boot and Lecce at the heel of the boot, the list of lesser-known places in Italy is getting longer.

Sanremo , located in the northeast of Italy, close to the French border, is a beautiful seaside town with a music festival in mind. Lampedusa Island in the Mediterranean, between Malta and Tunisia, is a paradise famous for its touristic beaches. In recent years, it has turned into a refuge for migrants passing through Africa.

Located in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy, Matera , which was the 2019 European Capital of Culture, is among the delightful little places. A cute place close to Castelmezzano da Matera. The getaway for those who are weary of the crowds in Rome, Sperlonga boasts ancient palaces, an archaeological museum, flowery gardens and pristine beaches.

There is an organized railway network that provides transportation to almost everywhere in Italy. Train ticket fares are also very affordable, especially if they are purchased early. Buses are also very common. The largest international airports are located in Milan and Rome. There are numerous flights both within Italy and to Europe

You can reach Italy from Turkey by direct flights from Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines have direct flights to Rome, Milan, Bari, Catania (Sicily), Venice, Naples and Pisa. It is also possible to travel to Italy with connecting flights from different European cities.