I prepared a list and map of places to visit in Erzurum. Where to stay, what to eat, where to visit, historical and natural beauties are my travel notes.

Erzurum Places to Visit My Travel Notes

Whatever reason you come to Erzurum for places to visit , you need to spare a few days to experience this place. Most of the architectural structures from the Ilkhanate, Seljuk and Ottoman periods are within walking distance of the city. Erzurum, one of the oldest cities of Anatolia, will fill you with history and nature. Do not forget to visit the Atatürk House and Erzurum Congress Museum, where you will touch the spirit of the National Struggle , and the Nene Hatun story and tomb. Witness the magnificent view of Tortum Lake and Waterfalls. And of course, let’s taste Erzurum cuisine and kebabs, which have many flavors unique to the region.

Erzurum has become the focus of attention of local and foreign tourists, especially with the winter sports and international sports competitions it has hosted in recent years. There are so many flavors to be tasted with places to visit in Erzurum… I will also talk about the natural beauties in the list of places to visit in Erzurum with Palandöken ski facilities, thermal springs, Tortum Waterfall, the 3rd largest waterfall in the world, and national parks. I prepared a list and map of Erzurum Places to Visit with its different beauties in summer and winter. 

Erzurum Places to Visit History List:

  • Double Minaret Madrasa (1 km. 4 minutes)
  • Yakutiye Madrasa (in the center)
  • Three domes (1.5 km, 5 minutes)
  • Ataturk’s house (in the center)
  • Erzurum Castle (1 km. 4 minutes)
  • Erzurum Ulu Mosque (in the center)
  • Tas Han (in the center)
  • Historical Erzurum Houses (in the center)
  • Aziziye Bastion (4 km. 10 minutes)
  • Ihmal Mosque ( 1.5 km. 4 minutes)
  • Congress Building (2 km. 5 minutes)
  • Palandoken Ski Center (5 km. 10 minutes)
  • Georgian Gate Aliaga Mosque (2 km. 6 min)
  • Bakırcı Mosque (in the center)
  • Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (in the center)
  • Mecidiye Bastion (4 km. 10 minutes)

Erzurum Places to Visit Natural Beauties List

  • Tortum Waterfall (100 km. 1.5 hours)
  • Nene Hatun National Park (6 km. 15 min)
  • Erzurum Olympic Park (2 km. 5 minutes)
  • Ata Park Botanical Garden (1 km. 3 minutes)

Erzurum places to visit historical regions

1 – Three Cupolas

Three Cupolas are among the most important historical buildings in Erzurum . It is known that the first cupola, which was built on an octagonal plan, which is thought to have been built in the 12th century, belongs to Emir Saltuk, the founder of the Saltuklu State. The other two cupolas were later built, but for whom it was not yet determined. As a result of the researches, it is estimated that they were made in the 14th century. I think these three cupolas, which take the first place in the list of places to visit in Erzurum, receive hundreds of thousands of visits every year, both domestic and foreign. I started to visit the historical places of Erzurum from here. 

Emir Izzettin Saltuk, one of the first Turkish principalities in Anatolia after the victory of Manzikert, is located in the large Kumbet on the left. These cupolas, which have been standing for 800 years and have reached the present day, are made of two-color cut stone. Today, it attracts a lot of attention with the quality and decorations of the materials used in Turkish-Islamic buildings. An interesting situation is that there are patterns of ancient Turkish calendar animals on one of the cupolas.

Where is Erzurum Three Cupolas?

The three cupolas, located at Sultanmelik Mah, Yakutiye / Erzurum, are very close to the Double Minaret Madrasa, another historical value of Erzurum. Full location Click for 

Three Vaults Visiting Hours:

There are no visiting hours. In a public location. You can see it anytime during the day.

Three Cupolas Entrance Fee:

There is no entry fee. You can visit for free . 

2 – Double Minaret Madrasa (Hatuniye)

One of the symbols of Erzurum , the Hatuniye Madrasa (The Madrasa with double minarets) is the center of attention, especially with its magnificent crown gate. It is among the historical symbols of Erzurum. Batman Hasan KeyfteThis is the most well-known master-apprentice story told in many places such as the El Rizik Mosque . It is the most beautiful example of the Seljuk architectural structure in the Ilkhanid period. Although it is written that it was built for Hundi Hatun, the daughter of Alaaddin Keykubad between 1285 and 1295, it is claimed that it was built in the name of Hundi Hatun , the daughter of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev, by the order of the vizier Muineddin Pervane. That’s why it was accepted as the Hatuniye Madrasa . Due to the fear of Mongol raids at that time, the Double Minaret madrasah could not be completed. During the Russian occupation of Erzurum, many ornaments of the Madrasa were dismantled and smuggled to Russia. 

You can admire his artistic craftsmanship. There are four reliefs on the right and left of the crown door; Pay particular attention to the double-headed eagle on the right. We see another similar one  in the Great Mosque in Sivas Divriğ , which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Detailed Sivas Divrig Ulu MosqueY ou can also read my post about it.

 Another historical building to be seen among the places to visit in Erzurum is this madrasah. This historical building, also known as the Hatuniye Madrasa , has been standing for about 8 centuries and has survived to the present day. The tiles and minarets of the historical mosque are truly magnificent.

 Hatuniye Madrasa , which bears the traces of Seljuk architecture , contains 37 two-storey rooms and a mosque. The names of Allah, Muhammad and the four caliphs are engraved on the minarets decorated with tiles.

Where is the Double Minaret Madrasa (Hatuniye Madrasah)?

Center, Rabia Ana, Cumhuriyet Cad. Cifti Minareli Madrasah, located in Yakutiye / Erzurum, is 300 mt. north of Üç Kümbetler of the city center. You can walk within walking distance.

Double Minaret Madrasa (Hatuniye Madrasah) Visiting Hours:

You can visit between 08:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening during the day. Be sure to read the explanatory information in the introduction and inside.

Double Minaret Madrasa (Hatuniye Madrasah) Entrance Fee:

There is no entrance fee, you can visit for free during the day. There is no guide service. You can read the explanatory information signs.

3 – Erzurum Congress Building

Erzurum is of great importance for the National Struggle. 23 July 1919 One of the starting steps of our National Struggle history , the decision ” The homeland is a whole within the national borders, it cannot be divided ” was taken in this building. However, the congress building has not been able to reach today.

The original state of the building was in 1925, when all the wooden parts were burned as a result of a great fire. Later, with restorations, it was put into service as the Building Art School . Then he continued as Fine Arts High School . Representative Congress Museum located on the ground floorcan be visited. It contains many items such as the photos of the delegates, their biographies, and their seats. The congress building was built with Armenian architectural features. It was restored to its original form after the fire. The first floor of the 2-storey building is made of stone and the second floor is made of wood. The building, located next to Congress Street, has been used in many educational areas until today. It was transferred to the Ministry of Culture in 2011 and still continues to serve as the Painting and Sculpture Museum and the Congress National Struggle Museum. When you enter inside, an attendant greets you and gives you a tour of the Conference Hall, Exhibition and Study Halls.

Where is Erzurum Congress Building ?

Alipasa, Kongre Cad. No: 44 Yakutiye / Erzurum, Erzurum Congress Building is next to Atatürk Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. 

Is there an entrance fee for Erzurum Congress Building?

As in many historical places to visit in Erzurum city center, there is no entrance fee. You can visit for free .

What are Erzurum Congress Building Visiting Hours?

You can visit any day of the week. It opens at 08.30 in the morning and closes at 18:00 in the evening. There is also a small car park, you can go with your car. 

4 – Ataturk House

Atatürk ‘s house in Erzurum , where he stayed for two months and turned into a museum today, should be on your list of places to visit in Erzurum . Atatürk and his friends lived for 2 months in the house where the Erzurum Congress activities were carried on. The house, which was built as a mansion at the end of the 19th century and was used as a German Consulate for a while, has been serving as a museum since 1984. On July 9, 1919, Atatürk settled in this mansion with Hüseyin Rauf Bey and his friends, and carried out the Erzurum Congress activities for 52 days until August 29. After the proclamation of the Republic, Mayor Rauf Bey presented a golden key and the title deed of this mansion to Atatürk. Erzurum Atatürk House , which is a two-storey stone building on a basement, was built in 1984.It has since been used as a museum. The belongings used by Atatürk at that time, congress preparation documents and many photographs are exhibited in the museum. There is also a promotional video at the entrance. It is more meaningful if it is visited by watching it.

Where is Erzurum Ataturk House?

Yukari Mumcu Mah. Ataturk’s house at Yakutiye / Erzurum address location Click for If you want to get more information about this place. You can call (0442) 234 20 37.

Ataturk House Visiting Hours ?

You can visit Erzurum Atatürk House, which is closed on Mondays, on other days.

  • Morning opening time: 09:00
  • Evening Closing Time is 18:00

Is Atatürk House Entrance Fee?

When you come to Erzurum, the entrance to Atatürk House is free like many other historical places in the city center .

5 – Erzurum Castle

If you are interested in castle-type structures, you will have two addresses in Erzurum . The first is Erzurum Castle, where you can watch the city from a bird’s eye view and send a greeting to Palandöken. Although the exact date of construction is not known, it is predicted that it has reached the present day from the 5th century AD. The city of Erzurum was actually founded by Theodosios around 415 AD and the castle was built at that time. Later, it took its present form with many additions and renewals. When I came, there were restoration works, but I couldn’t visit it, but its history and content offer a wide range. The castle, which was repaired by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1554, was destroyed in many parts during the Russian occupation. And the city was defended by building many bastions around it. There is no inscription in the castle. 

Your other address is İspir Castle , which is used by 14 different states in a wide range from Urartu to Persia, from Rome to Seljuk .

Where is Erzurum Castle?

Camikebir Mah. Yakutiye / Erzurum address, that is, again in the city center. It is right across the double minaret madrasah. There is no parking lot, but you can leave your car on the side of the road for a short time. In summer, short-term roadsides can be used, including tour buses. For detailed information, you can call (0442) 213 73 57.

Erzurum Castle Visiting Hours 2020

It has been under restoration for the last two years. It is said to be opened in 2020, but there is no definite information. Visiting hours are normally between 08:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening .

Erzurum Castle Entrance Fee 2020

  • Erzurum Castle entrance fee is determined as 10 TL.
  • Also , the Museum Card is valid.

6 – Yakutiye Madrasa

Yakutiye Madrasa , which has been used as the Museum of Islamic Art since 1994, is among the rare artifacts from the Ilkhanate. Dating to 1310, the madrasa was built in the name of Gazanhan and Bulgan Hatun during the reign of Ilkhanid Ruler Sultan Olcayto. Even watching it with its inlaid crown gate and minaret drags people into history. The courtyard of the eyvanlı madrasah is made of a closed sickle. Yakutiye Madrasa, one of the best examples of such structures in Anatolia, was built in 1330 during the Ilkhanate period. The madrasa, built during the reign of Sultan Olcayto , continues to be used as an Ethnography museum of Turkish-Islamic artifacts. 

Where is Yakutiye Madrasa?

It is located 300 m away from the street where the Double Minaret and Erzurum Castle are located, towards the West. Its full address is at Lalapaşa, Yakutiye / Erzurum. Full location Click for You can call (0442) 235 19 64 for detailed and up-to-date information.

How much is the Yakutiye Madrasa Entrance Fee 2020:

The entrance fee for Yakutiye Madrasa , which is affiliated to Erzurum Culture Directorate museums, is determined as 10 TL . You can also visit the Museum for free with your card.

Yakutiye Madrasa Visiting Hours 2020:

You can visit Yakutiye Madrasa , which is very crowded especially in summer with tours, between 08:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening .

7 – Aziziye Bastion and Grave of Nene Hatun and Its Story 

I think the most important event in the history of Erzurum was the Russian-Ottoman war . In this war, which lasted for 2 years between 1877 and 1878, the bastions were built to prevent the various raids of the Russians on Anatolia. These bastions, which were built to protect the four sides of the city, were built on the high hills around the city. The Mecidiye and Aziziye bastions witnessed a very tough and bloody struggle against the Russians. He succeeded in repelling the Russians, especially in the war that the people of Erzurum supported with digging shovels. This bastion, which was built to hold the Hamam creek at the foot of Top Mountain , has a C-plan defense.

If you have come to visit the Azizeye Bastion , you should also visit the tomb of Nene Hatun , who has written her name in Turkish history with her heroism . A soldier who survived the wounded Russian soldiers who entered the Aziziye bastion with the Armenian gangs informs the people of Erzurum. Among the people of Erzurum, who stood against the Russians with digging shovels, Nene Hatun, who went to fight by leaving her 3-month-old baby entrusted to God in her home, took her place among the most important Turkish heroines. The tomb of Nene Hatun in the Aziziye bastion in the Ottoman-Russian war, known as the 93 War, should also be on your list of places to visit in Erzurum . 

Where is Aziziye Bastion?

Aziziye bastion, located on the skirts of Top Mountain, just east of Erzurum, is 4 km from Erzurum center. It is located 10 minutes away. Tourists accompany the people who walk here during the ceremonies held every year.

Address : Kurtuluş, Karskapı Cad., Yakutiye / Erzurum Full location Click for

How much is the Aziziye Bastion 2020 entrance fee?

You have to pay a small fee for the Aziziye and Mecidiye bastions, which are 8 minutes away from Erzurum by car. It is planned to be 7 TL for 2020.

Aziziye and Mecidiye Bastion Visiting Hours

Aziziye and Mecidiye bastions, which you can visit every day of the week, can be visited between 08:00 in the morning and 17:30 in the evening.

Places to visit in Erzurum Natural beauties

8 – Tortum Waterfall

Tortum Lake and Waterfall are the most important natural beauties of Erzurum. You can reach these beauties by driving approximately 120 kilometers from Erzurum. But believe me it’s worth it. You ask why? Tortum waterfall is the third largest waterfall in the world with its water flowing from 48 meters.

In the 1700s, a large landslide occurred in a valley near the mountain near Uzundere Balıklı Village. As a result of this landslide, Tortum Stream was blocked and  Tortum Lake was  formed. Tortum waterfall was formed, which started to pour out of the 48-meter-high rock formed at the other end of the landslide. Tortum waterfall, which spills over a wide area, has taken the third place in the world among waterfalls in the same category, with a height of 48 meters and a width of 22 meters. Tortum Waterfall in Erzurum Uzundere district  manages to fascinate its visitors with its  flow rate and the height of its flow, and the rainbow that always forms  .

Detailed and video Tortum Waterfall Erzurum You can also read my post about it.

Where is Erzurum Tortum Waterfall?

 Where is the Tortum Waterfall located within the borders of Balıklı village in Erzurum Province, Uzundere District in Eastern Anatolia ? location Click for 

Tortum Waterfall Entrance Fee 2020:

The entrance to Tortum Waterfall is  free . You only pay a parking fee  of  10 TL for your vehicle .

Tortum Waterfall Visiting hours 2020:

You can go to Tortum Waterfall between 08:00 in the morning and 21:00 in the evening . The best time is in May and June when the snow melts . The rainbow formed in the wildly flowing waterfall fascinates people. 

9 – Erzurum Ilica Thermal Springs 

Although Erzurum is not well known, it also comes to the fore with its thermal springs. It has an important potential in terms of health tourism. The thermal springs in Pasinler, Ilıca and Köprüköy districts contribute greatly to health and tourism. It has been the primary choice of those seeking treatment for many diseases, especially rheumatism and digestive system diseases. In addition to its healing natural water, its healing mud is also used. The closest Ilıca Thermal Springs is 14 km from Erzurum center. It is 20 minutes away. You can benefit from the healing properties of hot spring water in the facilities where your accommodation is provided. 

Where is Erzurum Ilica Spa Thermal Facility?

The hot springs in Erzurum’s Ilıca Aziziye town are 20 minutes away from the city center. Full location Click for You can call the facilities by calling (0442) 631 30 28 to get price information.

10 – Erzurum Palandoken Ski Resorts 

In fact , the first thing that comes to mind when Erzurum is mentioned is winter tourism and Palandöken . With its natural climate, it has become the current center of winter sports. Palandöken, which hosts Olympic ski tracks and international competitions, has all kinds of opportunities. Palandoken has the longest and steepest tracks in the world. It is already the host of the 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival . You can reach Erzurum center in a short time like 5 km and 10 minutes.

Palandöken Ski Center cable car fees:

You can enjoy the snow with skis or sledges on the tracks you climb with a cable car fee of 15 TL. Cable car fee for children is 5 TL. Sled prices are 10 TL during off-peak hours. 

Where and how to get to Palandoken Ski Center?

5 km from the center of Erzurum. Buses run continuously from the city center to the Palandöken ski center, which is 20 minutes away. In addition, there are regular buses from districts and towns. If you are going with your own vehicle, this is it. location you can use. For detailed information, information phone number of the facilities: (0442) 317 08 04

What to eat in Erzurum?

Erzurum Cag kebab prices

The most famous flavor of Erzurum is cag kebab . The secret of kebab, which is prepared with lamb meat, is the favorite menu of taste lovers with its special seasoning in which it is kept for a day. I ate at Koç kebab, which celebrities also go to. (July 2018) this year the skewer was 8 TL . I am not a gourmet, but believe me, the taste of the kebabs we eat in the West is very good..

Where and what to eat in Erzurum? Restaurant and Diner map 2020

 You can see the price, location, communication and comments by selecting the place you want with Erzurum restaurants and restaurants map  . Where and what to eat in Erzurum? When we look at it , there are food options suitable for every budget with varying prices in the restaurants and restaurants   where you can find all the local flavors of the region  .

Click on the map for current and online Erzincan restaurants and restaurants in 2020. 

Erzurum places to visit

Black Sea Many cities in Eastern Anatolia are famous for their doner kebab. Erzurum doner kebab is among the local delicacies. Other regional delicacies of Erzurum are;

  • den soup,
  • cutting soup,
  • Dope,
  • Water Pastry : …
  • Tatar Pastry: …
  • Khingel: …
  • Sour Stuffed : …
  • Ayran Vaccine: …
  • Chech Beet:
  • stuffed turnip,
  • Egg pilaf too

It is among the original dishes of Erzurum cuisine.

Where to stay in Erzurum?, hotel and accommodation map 2020

With this map, where you can see the hotel and hostel accommodation fees during your trip to Erzurum, you can choose the hotel you want and see its  price, location, communication and comments  . When we look at where to stay in Erzurum  , we come across   hotel and accommodation options suitable for every budget, with prices ranging from 150 to 450 TL .

Click on the map for current and online ERZURUM hotels and hostels in 2020. 

Where is Erzurum? Which region ?

Erzurum is among the largest cities of the Eastern Anatolia Region. East of Kars and Ağrı, Muş and Bitlis to the south, and Bitlis to the west. Erzincan and in the North Rize has provinces. 

How many km is Erzurum?

  • How many kilometers is it from Kars to Erzurum? 203 km 2 hours 40 minutes.
  • How far is it from Erzincan to Erzurum? 188 km. 2 hours 25 minutes.
  • How many km is it from Bingöl to Erzurum? 180 km. 2.5 hours
  • How many km is it from Rize to Erzurum? 254 km. 3.5 hours
  • How many kilometers is it from Ankara to Erzurum? 877 km. 11 hours
  • How many kilometers is it from Istanbul to Erzurum? 1234 km. 14.5 hours

Eastern Anatolia We wandered around Erzurum, which we can call the center of the city. I tried to explain the historical places, nature, culture and sports activities of this city of flavor that has taken its culture from the history of Erzurum .

Whatever reason you come to Erzurum for places to visit , it is essential to take time to experience this place. With the right planning, you can travel as much as I do in two days.