When most of us think of France , the first place that comes to mind is Paris . Located in Western Europe, France is not limited to Paris, which is also known as the capital of romance in the world. France, which is located in a wide geography that stretches from the Mediterranean in the south, the English Channel and the North Sea in the north, the Rhine in the east, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west, has many landmarks.

The number of visitors the country receives is more than its population of 65 million. Every year, more than 82 million foreign tourists go to taste French cuisine, drink world-famous wines, visit romantic castles and see French cities that promise unique views. France, which is frequently mentioned with its deep-rooted cultural heritage, political history and impressive architecture, is a feature where everyone who loves to travel can find something for themselves. Large and small cities scattered all over the country are quite ambitious in this regard.

France is the most visited country in the world, according to data from the United Nations Tourism Organization. It is an attractive geography with its historical buildings, museums containing the unique collections of the world, cultural and artistic events and art centers, its location at the center of fashion and perfume, beaches and ski resorts.

Each region looks and feels very different from one another. All of them have their own unique architectural style and characteristics. Especially their food and language are the features that best reflect this. Being French is a source of pride in this country. Each region strictly maintains its own customs. Although many governments, from Louis XIV to De Gaulle, wanted to centralize everything, they encountered overwhelming stubbornness and eventually succumbed.

Its charming villages, faith tourism, legendary wine and culinary culture adorn dreams with its elegance and weight. It would not be wrong to say that France, which has a distinctive place with its features appealing to everyone living in the world, is the first country that comes to mind when Europe is mentioned.

Places To Visit In France 📌

It takes more than a lifetime to discover the cultural richness of France . Attractions start from the magnificent beaches of Brittany in the northwest, to the canyons of the Pyrenees, the coves of Corsica, the verdant valleys of the Dordogne and the extraordinary plains of the Loire and the icy peaks of the Alps.

When you choose France for your holiday, you can be sure that whatever your expectations are, they will be met. A magnificent city, a region, a river, a mountain range, perfect tastes, cathedrals and castles… These are not just one or two, but really countless.

In addition to outdoor activities, hiking, canoeing, cycling, skiing and sailing options, if there are expectations for city life, clubs, shops, fashion, movies, music shows and hundreds of other options are waiting for you in magnificent cities.

1. Paris

Paris is a city that most people dream of in the world . It is not for nothing that it is the most popular tourist attraction in the world, with 45 million visitors a year. It is a world metropolis that is almost as big as France. So much so that, apart from its beauty and elegance, the Louvre and Orsay museums, which house world-famous art collections , the magnificent view of the Seine River, its cultural life and activity, Paris, the world capital of fashion and luxury, the City of Light and Love!

Paris, which attracts all kinds of people like a magnet with its squares, cafes, culinary culture and streets that inspire artists, knows very well how to send everyone home happily.

The Eiffel Tower , which was built to commemorate the centennial celebrations of the French Revolution, and the Louvre Museum , which houses the largest number of works in the world, are important places you should see. Notre Dame Cathedral , one of the important works of Gothic architecture , is located on the Cite Island in the Seine River. The Champs -Elysées, one of the most famous boulevards in the world, stretching from the Arc de Triomphe to the Concorde Square, is among the places to visit in Paris .

Take a walk by the Seine River in Paris, the fairy-tale city of Europe, and stroll through the romantic Luxembourg Garden . Have fun at Paris Disneyland, a favorite for tours in France, which has welcomed around 15 million visitors each year since its opening in 1992. For more detailed information, check out my Paris Travel Guide article.

2. French Riviera Cote d’Azure

Saint-Tropez, one of the famous holiday destinations in France

The French Riviera is the name given to a part of the Mediterranean coast of France. It is a very expensive place frequented by the rich and famous. Despite this, the interest of tourists is not lacking at all, because it is possible to see tourists who flock here throughout the year. The French Riviera, with its well-known resorts such as Saint-Tropez , Antibes , Cannes , Nice , Monaco and Menton , stretches from Cassis to Menton on the Italian border.

Although the image of high society’s holiday preference is engraved in the minds with the way it is covered in the press, the diversity in the region is quite wide. The most famous place is St. Tropez , Monaco and the annual Cannes Film Festival, there are also some lesser-known beautiful places. The perfumes of Eze , Saint Paul de Vence and Grasse are among the first to come to mind. The season is very mild and suitable for travel all year round.

3. Avignon

Avignon is a charming place located on the banks of the Rhône River, within the Côte d’Azur region of France. The medieval city wall, the Palais des Papes (Papal Palace) and the Pont St. Famous for the Bénézet Bridge, Avignon is also celebrated in Avignon, which has been held in July every year since 1947. In Avignon, known as the City of Popes, outdoor street entertainment is organized for theater, dance and song performances during the festival.

4. Lyon

The sister city of Sinop , Lyon , is located in the Rhone-Alpes region of France. The city, which is the center and capital of the Rhone administration, is between Marseille and Paris. Traboules, called Old Lyon, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lyon brings together students with its 3 universities and gourmets with its famous cuisine.

In the city consisting of two parts; The historical district called ‘Vieux Lyon’ for classical architecture, and the new city section for vibrant cultural life can be explored. Notre Dame de Fourviére Basilica, built in the second half of the 19th century, is one of the symbols of the city. You can smell the city life and have a stylish meal in the streets of Presqu’ile, then taste the bohemian life in the hidden alleys of Croix-Rousse.

If your city tour is tiring; Walk along the Saône River in the Tete d’Or park in Brotteaux, one of the largest city parks in France. The Beaujolais region near the city is worth a visit with its vineyards and vintage tours. Also go to Annecy Village , known as the ‘Venice of the Alps’ . Only THY flies directly to Lyon.

5. Nice

Nice is the most popular and elite holiday destination of the French. Located on the Mediterranean coast, between Marseille and Genoa, and on the other hand, the fifth largest city in the country, Nice is an elegant city that gives incredible pleasure even if you visit the restaurants, cafes and shops in the old city center of Vieux Nice.

Aside from its kilometers of beaches, the Museum of Ancient Musical Instruments, Massena Square, Castle Hill, St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Cours Saleya Market, MAMAC, which is known as the center of modern art in southern France, and Musee Matisse and Musee Chagall.

6. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the city that gives its name to world famous wines. It is located in southwestern France, in the Gironde department of the Aquitaine region. Bordeaux, a historic port city, is located on the Garonne River. It stands out with its magnificent architecture, historical buildings, lively city life and guiding culture and arts environment.

There are more than three hundred and fifty historical buildings and monuments in the center of the city. The majestic “Quinconces” square is perfect for a romantic stroll. Place de la Bourse, Grand Theater de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Cathedral and Aquitaine Museum top this list. A visit to the city of Bordeaux can be completed with a trip to the Dordogne region, famous for its surrounding vineyards, picturesque countryside and chateaux.

7. Provence

Provence lies within the famous French Riviera region, located on the Mediterranean coast in the southeast of France. It is famous for settlements such as Aix-En-Provence, known for its calmness, vineyards and lavender gardens. Beautiful to fall in love with, Provence is an open-air museum full of wine, nature and history.

Silvacane Monastery in La Roque d’Anthéron Town, Gorges de Régalon, Chateau de Floran, Luberon lavender fields blooming in July – August, Cours Mirebeau and the charming streets around it are among the main places to visit in Provence.

8. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a stony island rising among the strongest tidal currents in Europe. This place is too good to be true. This place is located on the northwest coast of France in the province of Manche, in Lower Normandy, on the north-west coast of France. Saint-Michel, the most well-known region among the tidal islands, is a very interesting destination with its medieval architecture, buildings built on top of each other and the Saint-Michel Abbey, which stands like the crown of the island at the top.

Rising amidst vast mud flats and mighty tidal waves, this cliff looks like an island when the waters rise, and an oasis in the middle of the desert when the waters recede. With a circumference of 900 meters, Mont Saint-Michel reaches a height of 88 meters.

At the top of this hill is a cathedral dedicated to Archangel Michael. The monastery, which will fascinate those who see it, was built by the monks who devoted themselves to the church in 708 BC, after the bishop of Avranches was visited by the archangel Michael. Standing since 708, this structure is stunning. One of the most important points to see in France.

9. Loire Valley

The Loire Valley , another tourist destination in France, is a region with breathtaking landscapes, majestic castles, stunning vineyards and historic towns right in the heart of the country. The Loire Valley, known as the gardens of France, is a geographical region in the middle of the Loire River, reaching a length of 280 km.

It winds along the Loire River between France’s most beautiful towns and chateaux. With its historical buildings, magnificent castles and gastronomy, it is one of the most beautiful regions of France to visit. Val de Loire, with its French name, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since the Middle Ages, it has been the preferred settlement of English kings, descendants of the French and the French Anjou Dynasty.

Apart from two big cities such as Orleans and Tours, there are small cities and towns such as Blois, Amboise, Angers and Chinon in the region. Tours of France, including the Loire Castles and Normandy, are also organized in our country. There are many wineries in the valley that offer wine tastings and wine tours.

Chenonceau Castle is one of the most stunning castles in the Loire Valley with its splendor and aesthetics . Other castles in the region, known for their magnificent castles, Chambord, Villandry, Amboise, Rivau, Chinon are among the most visited. Let the famous cartoon hero Tintin’s Chenverny Castle be on your list of places to visit. The Loire Valley is located approximately 200 km from the capital, Paris.

10. Marseille

Marseille is a port city in the southeast of France. Selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2013, Marseille is the city in France where you will feel the Mediterranean identity the most. In France’s second largest city, Ancient Roman ruins and medieval architecture impress.

Ionians, who set out from İzmir Foça in 600 BC, settled on the coasts of Marseille and formed a colony. The brass plate in the Port of Marseille reads, “This city was founded in 600 BC by the Phokaians who came from Anatolia.”

You can take a tour in the historical old port where the castles welcome you, take a breather in the cafes lined up by the sea, and take memories to your loved ones at home in the small shops around. Take a walk in Borely Park, one of the most beautiful parks in France.

Discover the beauties of the rocky region called the Calanques, which consists of rows of fjords in the south of Marseille. If you are into modern architecture, discover the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations MuCEM and the Unité d’Habitation, designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier. Visit the Church of Notre Dame de la Garde, which can be seen from all over the city. In addition, If Island Castle is one of the must-see places in the city.

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11. Strasbourg

Strasbourg , the peace symbol of the European continent , is the capital of the Alsace region in the north-east of the country. The city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1988. The city, which is among the places to visit in France, has a multicultural structure as it is located on the border of France with Germany. It is the Capital of Europe as it hosts the European Parliament.

It is possible to see the best examples of French and German architecture in Grande Ile, the historical center of the city. Even the magnificent gothic cathedral with its 300 years old and still working astrological clock and its intricately carved exterior is enough to make Strasbourg one of the must-see places in France.

Discover the district of La Petite France, the gastronomy of the Alsace region, where you cross the Bridge of Europe to Germany . Pegasus and Turkish Airlines fly direct to Strasbourg.

12. Arles

Arles , one of the places to see in France, is located in Southern France. Its narrow streets and small squares are enough to make you feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. This is also the place where Painter Vincent Van Gogh moved and lived for a while in 1888, where he cut off his ear with a razor. That’s why his name is often associated with the master painter.

The most interesting part of the city is the Roman period architectural remains, which also includes an amphitheater. This huge arena is now used for bullfights, festivals and special events. Another important Gallo-Roman buildings are the Classical Theatre, Cryptoprticus, Obelisk and St. Trophime Church. The Church of Saint Trophime is also worth a visit during your visit to the city. Lyon or Marseille are the closest cities.

13. Biarritz

Biarritz is a quiet, yet elegant seaside retreat located a few kilometers from Spain, in the heart of the Basque Country of France. Located in the Bay of Biscay and having a magnificent beach, Biarritz is also a very suitable place for those who want to surf.

The huge waves of the ocean and plenty of wind make this city a surfing center. It is recommended to go especially in the summer months and enjoy the sea and the sun on its magnificent beaches.

Its most famous beach , Grand Plage , is quite crowded in summer, but there is another beach on Prince de Galles Boulevard where surfers go. Another striking structure of Biarritz is the natural stone formation in the bay called ‘ Rock of Virgin ‘. The Rock of Virgin is connected to the mainland by an iron bridge built by Gustave Eiffel .

14. Besancon

Besançon is the capital of the Franche-Comté region in eastern France. It is possible to understand the astronomical clock in the Saint-Louis Cathedral, which is the best example of its hosting of clock technology for a long time. The city, which dates back two thousand years, is also the birthplace of Victor Hugo.

Located near the Swiss border, where the Doubs River bends, the city has an underground cave called Grotte d’Oselle, which has been open to visitors since 1504 and has a total length of fourteen kilometers. Besançon, which has many museums as well as being a university city, is a different region where you can trace the French culture.