Erdek places to visit and camping areas

Let me share my beaches, nature and ancient city travel notes for places to visit and camping areas in Erdek. Where to go, what to do? hotel and hostel prices.

What’s Erde like?

Erdek is one of the quietest holiday centers in Turkey ‘s most populous Marmara Region with a population of 22 million. You know, they say everything is in good taste. Is it the sea? Blue Flag , Immaculate, calm and orderly. Is it nature? ; In lush olive groves. Is it the weather? Immaculate and rich in oxygen, is it historical: the ancient city and BC. it has the consistency of whatever you look for with its past. It is the right place for those who think of a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable holiday away from the noise . There are not many foreign tourists in the places to visit in Erdek , which is generally preferred by the inhabitants of the Marmara region . The biggest plus of this is that their prices are in the Aegean Region.not exaggerated like places to visit and places to visit in the Mediterranean Region . The food culture does not change. You can find the sun, sand and sea trilogy together on its unique beaches, you can take long walks or camp in its lush nature and get away from the stress of the city. An interesting feature coming from its past is that Kapidag peninsula was an island in ancient times . With the subsequent volcanic movements, the throat part rises and turns into a peninsula. This interesting history has enabled Erdek and its surroundings to have many beautiful bays. If you are interested in history, you  can visit the ancient city of Kyzikos and the Temple of Hadrian.You can fix it in You can taste olives, olive oil, grapes, wine and local delicacies in this city of peace. Now, let’s visit Erdek with everything for places to visit and camping areas .

Erdek places to visit, bays and beaches

1 – Çuğra Beach

Çuğra Beach , located at the end of Erdek public beach, is 3 km. at distance. With its wide and clean sandy beach and calm sea, it is among the most preferred beaches by the public. It is also quite safe with its shallow sea without waves. You can either come with your own umbrella and chair at Çuğra, which is a free public beach, or rent it at an affordable price. There are many cafes and restaurants in the vicinity where you can eat. With hotels, pensions and apartments, you can stay a little far from Erdek for more affordable accommodation. Before visiting the other coves and beaches of the region, you should spend a day here.

2 – Erdek Kurbagali Beach

Being the closest beach to the center of Erdek, it is quite crowded during the summer period. 1 km. It is also very neat and clean with its length and Blue Flag beach. The beach has all services such as showers, changing cabins, toilets and lifeguards, and it is free as it is a public beach. Erdek Kurbağalı Beach , right next to Seyit Gazi Hill, has many small piers. If you come unprepared, you can rent suitable sunbeds and umbrellas according to the prices determined by the municipality.

3 – Ocaklar Beach

Let me confess to you…   Every time I come to Erdek, I make my stay at Ocaklar Beach . I usually camp at Ocaklar Beach or stay in one of the apart rooms. We campers want to be both quiet and close to residential areas. Only 5-6 km from the center of Erdek. distance and you can go in 15 minutes. 3 km open to the public. It also has a beach. Although the sea is a bit jellyfish and mossy on windy days, it is among the generally preferred beaches. Families with children prefer the shallow sea. You should prefer the restaurants run by the local people in the small charming village bazaar. I’m not talking about the restaurants that target tourism, you will find great local home-cooked meals in the restaurants of the local people. Also at a very affordable price.You should definitely add Erdek to your list of places to visit .

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4 – Paflima Bay – Erdek places to visit

Pamfilya bay , next to Balyos fener headland between Narlı village and İlhanlı village,   is one of the most secluded bays of Erdek. It is a place discovered by campers rather than vacationers. 30 km from Erdek . at a distance of 1.5 km. I think Erdek should be on your list of places to visit with its clean sea in nature with a beach . It is free as a public beach and there are a few TDA hostels in the back village part . This natural beauty will make this place very popular in the near future. You can take walks with nature and cool off in the sea.

Let’s look at the villages of Erdek for places to visit

5 – Village of Narli

The local people are as nice and hospitable as the beach. Narlı Village , one of the quietest and calmest villages in Erdek, is very crowded in summer with excursionists who want to visit Erdek and its surroundings. Don’t look at what we call a village, it’s like a small town. It is among the places to stay with a small harbor , coast , beach , tea gardens, hotels, pensions and apartments  . You can find local foods at the restaurants in the bazaar here. Local people open handicraft and souvenir stalls on the beaches and streets in the evening.

The village across the Pasalimani island, which was known as Roda during the Greeks, was changed to Narlı in 1926. 15 km from Erdek. distance and 20 minutes by car from the asphalt road. or you can go on a journey in nature.

6 – Ilhanlar Village

Pasalimani island is located on the Narli side, in the westernmost part of the Kapidag peninsula. It has an old village, a small harbor and a few hostels. Actually, it is not very well known with its distance from Erdek. If you say you will visit the Erdek Kapıdağ peninsula, you can also stop by İlhanlar Village . There is only one mussel shop that I would recommend here. İlhanlar Village One of the quietest places to camp. 

7 – Tatlisu Village, places to visit in Erdek

We can say that Tatlısu Village is quite developed among the other villages of Erdek . There are plenty of accommodation options such as hotels, hostels and apartments such as Ocaklar . It is among quiet places with a small harbor , cafes and restaurants on the beach, and a beach. In addition to the sandy beach, there are also quite rocky coves. It is a generally windy area with the southeastern side of Erdek facing Bandırma. You can also find shopping and local restaurants in the authentic village. Only 16 km from the center of Erdek. 20 minutes away. On the way from Bandırma to Erdek, you will see the sign in that narrow strait. I can say that walking in the old and narrow streets of this 300-year-old village, where life has been still alive since the 1700s, is quite different.

8 – Seyitgazi Hill

Seyitgazi Hill , on which there is a small church foundation , is a small peninsula. On the hill known as Seyit Gazi Tomb among the people, they made it a votive place with pieces of cloth and candles they hung on the historical wall just ahead of the church foundations. People who believe that their offerings will be accepted think that especially those who do not have children will be accepted. The height of this hill, located at the end of Çuğra beach , is 103 m. With its unique Erdek view, it is one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sunsets . Seyitgazi Hill, where those who come to Erdek do not go without stopping by, is located at the most beautiful spot where you can take pictures and soak up the beauty of the scenery. Things to Do in ErdekYou should definitely add it to your list.

9 – Pasa Limani Island – Places to visit in Erdek

Although it is the second largest island of the Marmara Sea, it is a very calm and peaceful place with its underdeveloped urbanization. This calmness has ensured that the island also preserves its naturalness. In the Ottoman period, the people living in the palace were sent to this island for the treatment of their mental problems. The patients who came here were healed by experiencing peace and quiet in its beautiful and calm nature. Today, many people who have discovered this have become the place of choice for those who want to get away from the stress of the city and listen to the sound of silence. It will be enough to spare a day among the places to visit in Pasa Limani Island, Erdek , which you can also pass by ferry with your car .

10 – Places to Visit in Erdek Zeytinli Island:

In the center of Erdek, just across the harbor, 250 m from the sea. Zeytinli Island in the open has become a symbol of the visual landscape of Erdek. Zeytinli Island, where the most beautiful sunsets are watched and photographed, also carries a hidden history. With its history dating back to 500 AD, it has brought many artifacts to the present day on Zeytinli Island, where excavations are still continuing. The Virgin Mary Icon , which is currently on display in the Fener Greek Patriarchate, was found. The works that you can see in Zeytinli Ada are the monastery , which is a place of religious education , two baths , ceramic kilns, baptistery .and habitats were discovered. In Zeytinli Island, an important religious center in its history, it was used as a baptismal area for both newborns and adults with its hot spring water. You can go to the island with small boats in Erdek harbor. Or you can get 30 meters closer to the island by walking to the end of the harbor.

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The beauty of today is actually from years ago. This is in the travel book documented by Evliye Çelebi in 1639. Evliye Çelebi, who specifically talked about the spring healing water, wrote: .

“In the opposite west of this Erdek, there is a mile-bait sea and a boiling hot spring water in a place the size of the full table, so that Adam could not bear to enter it and they make ghusl at the place where it mixes with the sea. Those who make ghusl when two kinds of good power are combined will be satisfied and healthy body as if they have found the vital cavidan.”

11 – Erdek Kyzikos Ancient City

I always say! Did I find history and nature together? “I won’t miss it”.. You can reach Erdek in as little as 15 minutes.Kyzikos Ancient CityIt is located on the outskirts of Kapıdağ on the Bandırma Erdek road . Traces of the past BC. It comes from 5,000 years. Founded by the Dolions who migrated from Kyzikos, this city started with the founding of a colony by Miletus , one of the Ionian cities in the 8th century BC. It is known that it changed hands 9 times with the rebellion and wars that started later. They declared their independence against Athens in 364 BC . With this independence, he showed great success in trade and art and even printed his own money and gained value among the surrounding cities. Especially HellenisticIts transformation into a culture and art center in the period enabled it to reach the richest life of its age. It was destroyed by earthquakes in 543, 741 and 1064 AD. In the ancient city of Kyzikos, which was abandoned to its fate, it has reached the present day in its ruined state. If you are a history lover, you should definitely add Erdek to your list of places to visit .

12 – Information about Hadrian’s Temple

The Temple of Hadrian is the largest of the 4 temples in the ancient city of Kyzikos, the largest and most modern city in its history . The Temple of Hadrian, located on the west side of the ancient city, is located within the borders of Düzler on the Erdek road. The temple, which was built in the name of Zeus but could not be completely finished, continued to be built by Emperor Hadrian after the earthquake in 123 AD. It was completed in 197 AD during the Antonine period. The temple of Adrian , which was said to be the 8th Wonder of the World at the time it was built, was left to its fate, like the ancient city of Kyzikos, with the subsequent earthquakes. Temple of Hadrian and its surroundings, ruins of the walls, theatre , acropolis , 3 agoraMost of the ruins such as baths, parliament building, amphitheater can be seen. Even if there is not much left standing, you can go and see it with its proximity.

13 – Kirazlı Monastery Erdek Places to visit

The Kirazlı Monastery , which was built by the Greeks in 1895, was established on the slope of Didumus Mountain, with the name of Antiquity. The monastery, which was used for only 27 years, was abandoned to its fate after 1922. Since the icon of the Virgin of Phaneromeni , one of the works of the Apostle Luke , is in this church, it has been turned into a center of cross by the Orthodox . It is understood that it has an underground basement and two floors above it. This wall on the south side of the monastery has survived. You can explore this historical place, which is alone in nature, with a walk in nature.

14 – Erdek Memorial Tree

The Monumental Tree , located on Neyyire Sıtkı street , also known as Kurbağalı beach, was planted in 1860. This 160-year-old pine tree is 114 m. It has a very wide body with its diameter. It has managed to attract people’s attention by taking it under protection and registering it as a monumental tree. Although it has remained in urbanization today, it knows how to stand out among the apartments with its age and size. You can watch the surroundings by taking advantage of the shade during the day with a nice morning or evening walk. You can take 20 minutes to see the places to visit in Erdek.

15 – Erdek Open Air Museum – Places to visit in Erdek

Erdek Open Air Museum, where mostly the artifacts unearthed from the Ancient City of Kyzikos and the Temple of Adrian are exhibited, there are many artifacts from those periods. Many historical artifacts have been destroyed by the mentally handicapped, and even inscriptions have been written on them, since the surrounding area has not been taken under protection. The museum, located on the beach in Erdek Center, is not very big, but I recommend you to stop by and have a look. The entrance is free and you can visit between 09:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening . Founded in 1948, the museum awaits you, history lovers. You can make a note on your list of places to visit in Erdek that I can stop by while walking on the beach. 

Museum Address: Yalı Mahallesi, Government Cd. No:2, 10500 Erdek/Balıkesir

16 – Historical Palata Fountain – Places to visit in Erdek

The Historical Palata Fountain , which you can even walk from the center of Erdek  , was built in 1704. At that time, water was carried from this fountain in small settlements where there was no water in the houses. 1 km by the coastal road to the west of Erdek . You can go on foot. Palata Fountain, which still meets the water needs of its visitors and the public, was restored to its original form a few years ago. You can drink from the constantly flowing water and continue your Erdek walk.

Campgrounds – Places To Visit In Erdek

Erdek’s unique nature, quiet beaches, sparkling sea have managed to attract camping lovers. There are nearly 20 campsites in and around Erdek. You will see most of them on your left while passing from Bandırma to Erdek. These campsites, which are full of water, electricity, toilet, cafe, barbecue and facility facilities, vary according to the season, but you can usually  camp between 40 TL and 80 TL per tent . Free Erdek Campgrounds   You can go to the bays at the end of the Erdek coast or to the villages of Narlı, İlhanköy and Turan. Since there are no shopping opportunities here, you have to do your shopping in the villages first.

Erdek Campsites map 2020 online

Click on the camping area you want with the map of places to visit and camping areas in Erdek, which I have prepared for you on the maps. You can access the communication, transportation and price information of the container area you have chosen online for the year 2020. 

What to eat in Erdek?

There are many local dishes in Erdek, especially you should go to  Ocaklar, Narlı Turan village and Tatlısu villages. There are fish restaurants with music on the boats that are turned into restaurants in Erdek summers, which is full of fish restaurants. Prices are a bit expensive. In the center of Erdek, there is a service provided in restaurants with a touristic understanding. I usually prefer artisan restaurants. Prices are reasonable and the food is delicious. Let’s see what to eat in Erdek now.

  • Artichokes with Olive Oil
  • Kidney bean.
  • Fish especially horse mackerel, sardines and bream.
  • Mussels are also very beautiful, especially in Ilhanlar village.
  • lantern roasting
  • Stuffed Cabbage (you won’t always find this)
  • Fish soup
  • Calamari with special sauce.

Erdek Accommodation Hotel, Pension, Apart : 

Being on a peninsula in the Marmara region, surrounded by islands and magnificent bays, it has become a perfect holiday center. You can find many hotels, hostels and apartments where Turkish culture and food are exhibited, where there are not many foreign tourists. Accommodation options are possible according to all kinds of possibilities and budgets lined up in the center and beaches of Erdek. You can find a beachfront place with prices varying between 150 TL and 450 TL depending on the season. In addition, you can camp for free and paid in Erdek and the surrounding bays , which are preferred by camping lovers .

Let me share my beaches, nature and ancient city travel notes for places to visit and camping areas in Erdek . Where to go, what to do? I shared my travel notes about hotel and hostel prices . Have a nice holiday..