I prepared a Kırklareli travel guide with its beauties combining the nature of Thrace with the Black Sea. Here are the 15 most beautiful places to visit in Kırklareli.

What kind of place is Kirklareli?

First of all, it attracts us with its smiling person and different culture. Kırklareli is very different from Anatolia with its local and immigrant people, history and unique nature, local flavors. It has managed to stand out with its caves, rivers, waterfalls, and Longoz forests , which are found only in a few places in the world , on the face of the Istranca Mountains (Star Mountains) and the Black Sea . In addition , let me start by telling about historical mosques, fountains, bridges, tumuli, monuments and castles and places in the style of Kırklareli travel guide with my own observations.

Very Short History of Kırklareli:

Kırklareli, which was recorded as ” Saranta eclesia ” in the Byzantine period, had the meaning of ” Forty Churches “. After the Republican period, it took the name Kırklareli in 1924 . You can see many historical ruins, most of which belong to the Byzantine period, in almost every district of Kırklareli, which has 8 districts connected to the center.

Kirklareli Travel Guide Natural Beauties

1 – Igneada Longoz Forests and the lakes in it

What’s Igneada Longoz Forest like? The Igneada Floodplain (flooded) forests, located in the Igneada town of Demirkoy district of
Kirklareli , appear as a gift to Turkey. Igneada Longoz forests on the Black Sea coast of Demirkay district of Kırklareli , 100 km from the city center. You can reach 1.5 hours .
National ParkAlthough this corner of paradise, which has been taken under protection, is not well known, it awaits us with its beauty and rich nature. I can say that it is the place where you will experience your love for nature with the difference of longoz forest and realize your dream of an adventurous trip. With the forest and lakeside areas where you can camp easily, you can see every tone of nature, every species of living thing, with different conditions in summer and winter. There are 5 lakes in the Igneada Longoz forest.

Only 3 km from Igneada town. There are 5 different lakes in the Longoz forests, which is far away. These lakes, each with different features, Erikli lake, Mert lake, Hamam Lake, Pedina and Saka lake   meet with visitors in 4 seasons.  

  • Erikli Lake: It is a lagoon lake that is disconnected from the sea only in the summer months when the waters recede.
  • Mert Lake: It is a lake formed where Çavuşdere empties into the sea and where migratory birds stay.
  • Saka Lake: It is a small lake in the south of Longoz between the forest and sand dunes.
  • Hamam and Padina lake, on the other hand, are lakes with different eco systems that spread into the forest with the increase of winter waters in the inner parts of the forest.

DetailedWhere is Igneada Longoz forest and camping areasYou can also read my post about it.

2- Dupnisa Cave What kind of place is it? This interesting cave, which is also in the
Demirköy district of Igneada , is 75 km from Kirklareli. and you can go in 1.5 hours.

I never thought that there would be such a beautiful visual show underground. The inside of the cave is as beautiful as the outside. You reach the entrance of the cave by walking along the edge of the stream between the giant cliffs in the dense forests. Its entrance and surroundings are also arranged like a promenade. You can have a picnic in this paradise valley,   and you can visit Dupnisa Cave with a little anxiety and shiver along with long forest walks.

Information About Dupnisa Cave 

Located near Demirköy Sarbdere village in Kırklareli, the cave has been forming for 4 million years. This part of the cave, which also hosts 60 thousand bats in winter, is closed. Although Dupnisa Cave , hidden among the valleys of the Yıldız Mountains , is known as the place where pirates hid treasure, according to rumors, it has also been the subject of a love legend. 

However, some of it can be visited with the walking platforms and lighting built inside. The entrance of the cave is located on the lower part called the Sulu cave. As you move through it, you pass by a small stream and ponds reaching a depth of 2 meters. Then 61m with rather steep stairs. You go up to the upper part of the Kuru and Kız cave sections.

3- Let’s not skip the Likedik Village and its story for the Kırklareli travel guide.

It is not clear who Atatürk or İsmet Pasha is, but one of the Pashas sees a very neat and well-kept Bulgarian village across the Revze Stream, which marks our border with Bulgaria. He said for the village, which is more hollow than where it is now, move it to that hill overlooking Bulgaria and make it an enviable village. Visiting the village again after years, the headman asks the pasha, How did you like my pasha? With the answer he gave, the Pasha gave the name of the village. “We like it,” he says.

The village of Begendik is very famous nowadays, many people come to visit the village and have breakfast on the weekends. In addition, hostel-style rooms have begun to be rented. You should visit this quiet place with the beauties of the Black Sea. 

4- Kiyikoy coast and beach

The fine sandy beach, formed where Pabuçdere  and  Kazandere meet with the Black Sea, has become the new favorite of holidaymakers. With its not very long beach and its width, it has managed to gather many sea lovers. On this beach, which is a public beach  , you can also find umbrellas and sun loungers for rent in summer or you can bring and set up yourself. Also, if you prefer a more desolate cove,  Poliçe cove, Selvez and Panayır pier cove  will be exactly the place you are looking for. Except for the windy and wavy Black Sea days, you can enjoy the sparkling sea with the sun. The sea is quite shallow. It is quite safe for children on windless days. However, windy days produce quite large waves in this shallow Black Sea.

5 – Balkaya Village

You can find every color of green and water in Balkaya Village , which stands out with its natural beauties  . Especially preferred by camping lovers, Balkaya Village and its surroundings welcome nature lovers. With the increase in the number of visitors every day, you can encounter historical ruins in this nature paradise region, where hotels and small hostels are opened.

6- Hell Falls 

Located in the visa district of Kırklareli, the Hell waterfalls consist of many waterfalls in a valley that nature lovers have just discovered. Although it is a bit difficult to access, it offers a deserted, quiet and calm nature trip and camping opportunity for nature and campers. You can reach Kırklareli city center in 80 km and 1. 20 minutes .  Desolate, quiet and calm in natureYou should spend at least one day or one night. A nature that you will enjoy with its many waterfalls flowing under the dense forest texture in the steep cliffs. Whatever you are looking for in the name of nature is here. Desolation, wildlife, silence, forest, valley, and many small and large waterfalls along the creek. Although its desolation comes from the difficulty of transportation, it is one of the weekend destinations for excursionists. If you want to save yourself a little from modern life. You can reset yourself by spending a day or at least one night in this desolation by camping. Hell waterfalls  , I think, takes its name from the many cascading waterfalls flowing from the rocky formations on Kerevizdere, which passes through a steep and narrow valley.

Detailed Hell Falls camping, where and how to get thereYou can also read my post about it.

Kirklareli Date locations

7 – Hizir Bey Mosque

The Hızır Bey Mosque , also known as the Great Mosque, was built in 1383 by Mihalzade Hızır Bey. The Hızır Bey Mosque, which is known as the oldest mosque in Europe, is still standing upright and open for worship with a capacity of 1000 people. We can say that the mosque, which was repaired even though it was damaged in the great earthquake in 1824, is one of the most beautiful examples of the Early Ottoman period.

8 – Babaeski Bridge 

This historical Babaeski Bridge , which serves as a crossing towards Western Thrace, that is, Rumelia , was built during the time of Murat the 4th. The fact that many expeditions were made over this bridge emphasizes its historical importance. The historical bridge on the Lüleburgaz road of Babaeski district was built as masonry from cut stones. After the northern watch section was defeated by time, it was rebuilt in accordance with its original form.

9 – Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bridge

84 meters length and 6 m. This historical bridge, which is wide, was again made by a master. Mimar Sinan built this bridge, which has survived to the present day with its many heritages from the Ottoman period . Along with the bridge built by Sokullu Mehmet Pasha , a complex was also built. The Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bridge, built in 1570, consists of four arches as a stone bridge. The bridge, which is still actively used today, is among the historical structures that should be seen.

10 – Little Hagia Sophia Mosque Visa:

This church, which was converted into a mosque and opened for worship in the 14th century, was built during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian. It was built between the two city walls of Kale neighborhood in Kırklareli visa district. The church, which was built in a rectangular shape, has been open to worship since the day it was converted into a mosque. Small Hagia Sophia Mosque still preserves its church structure with its 16-sided drum dome.

11 – Kırklareli Kiyikoy Aya Nikola Monastery:

It is known that the Aya Nikola Monastery , which you can even walk through  Kiyikoy ,  was built in 500 AD. It has survived to the present day as a good example of such monasteries carved into the rocks. 700 meters to the town. The monastery in the distance has two floors. The lower floor is the church and the upper floor is reserved for monks.

12 – Kırklareli Kanlıgeçit Tumulus ( Kırklareli Travel Guide ). 

Kanlıgeçit Tumulus , which brings traces of the Neolithic age to the present, is among the oldest ruins of the city. 3 km from Kırklareli. The first excavations in the south of the mound were carried out by Prof. Dr. Made by Mehmet Özdogan. The mound, which consists of three parts oriented to the north, south and east, is located near the Ayagi spring mound.

13 – Kırklareli Asagi Pinar Tumulus

The Aşağı Pınar Mound , which points to the same periods as the Kanlıgeçit mound, was unearthed in 1980. Many parts of it became visible with the excavations in 1993. This historical region, which was mostly used as a residential area, still bears the traces of the Neolithic age. It is possible to see many historical artifacts found in the excavations in the Kırklareli Museum.

14 – Visa Castle Visa Castle:

Vize Castle, which was built on the highest hill of Kinklareli Vize district, is among the most visited places. The castle, which is divided into two as an inner and an outer castle, is known to have been built in the Roman period. In the epitaph exhibited in Edirne Museum, “Fortress bastions were built under the administration of Firmus, son of Aulus Pores, Aulus Kenthes, son of Rytes, son of Kenthes, and Rabdus, son of Hyakinthus. He is writing.

15 – Kiyikoy and its very short history

This arch, which you pass under as you enter Kiyikoy , is actually the entrance gate of the castle walls to the town. Although there is not much left of the castle, which is thought to be from the 6th century, the history of this town adds a beautiful visuality to the touch. This castle walls from the 6th century Byzantine period were built during the Justinian period. The castle walls, built on the rock extending towards the sea, are 6 m. in height and the palace gate is still standing.

What to eat in Kırklareli?

The general pastry of the Thrace region and the meat products of animal husbandry grown in the pastures are quite abundant. On the other hand, the towns and towns on the Black Sea coast have seafood dishes, culture from vineyards and wines.Escort MecidiyekoyIt has a rich food culture. You should try Höşmerim , one of the most different ones  , with a taste between wine and molasses, which you can only find here . Even though it is not as good as Tekirdağ , its meatballs are also good. In many parts of Kırklareli bazaar, you can drink dibek coffee .

Kirklareli Where and Accommodation online map :

You can access up-to-date price, contact and transportation information by clicking on the accommodation options marked on the map. Since it is the city center, Kırklareli offers various types of hotels, hostels and apartments.Goztepe escortwith affordable accommodation. 

I prepared a Kırklareli travel guide with its beauties combining the nature of Thrace with the Black Sea . I tried to explain the nature, history, forests, caves and waterfalls for places to visit in Kırklareli. Most of the natural beauties are on the Black Sea coastEscort ladyDue to its location, holidaymakers fill the neighborhoods of İğneada and Kıyıköy in summer.