You cannot tour Anatolia without history. Let’s tour the best 16 places with the list and map of Hatay, the gateway of the Middle East to the world in the Mediterranean.

Places to visit in Hatay, land of civilizations

Starting from the footprints of history, let’s move towards brand new flavors and natural beauties.

What kind of place is Hatay?

Hatay is a city of religions like Mardin . You should visit the plateaus, beaches, hot springs , history and past civilizations of this historical and cultural city, which symbolizes the brotherhood between faiths , to the fullest. Hatay, which has been declared a city of peace by UNESCO, does not have those local flavors? It blows your mind. There are so many places to visit and see in Hatay ! You will be surprised which one to visit.  While it takes history lovers on a journey between civilizations, it amazes nature lovers. 

A Very Short History of Hatay – 11th millennium

Southeast After visiting Hatay, I went to Hatay. For centuries, Hatay has been a city where people from many religions and cultures lived together. B.C. Hatay, with its history dating back to the 9000s, was founded in 1939. Turkey joined their territory.  

It has become a touristic center with its ancient cities, museums, religious centers, natural riches, Amanos Mountains, Amik plain, Asi River , plateaus and delicious food .

Hatay Attractions List:

(Distances from Antakya Center)

  1. Antakya Long Bazaar  (In the Center)
  2. Harbiye Waterfall  (9 km. 16 min)
  3. Yayladağı Aba Wrestling ( 43 km. 45 min )
  4. Hatay Highlands (Amanos Mountains)
  5. Gölbaşı Kırıkhan ( 51 km. 55 minutes )
  6. Hatay Archeology Museum (4.5 km. 10 min.)
  7. Saint Pierre Church  (3 km. 8 min)
  8. Antakya Castle  (12 km. 22 min)
  9. st. Simeon Monastery ( 25 km. 30 min. Samandag)
  10. Rock Tombs ( 58 km. 1 hour Iskenderun )
  11. Hz. Hidir Tomb (27 km. 35 min. to Samandag)
  12. Armenian Village (26 km. 38 min Samandag)
  13. Haron Hell Boatman Statues (6 km. 11 km.)
  14. Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex (83 km. 1 hour 15 minutes)
  15. Payas Castle (83 km. 1 hour 20 minutes)
  16. Aromatic plants museum  (in the center)
  17. Old Antakya Houses  (In the Center)
  18. Habib-i Neccar Nature Reserve  (3 km. 9 minutes)
  19. Moses Tree  ( 24 km 40 min)

Hatay Places to Visit Map 

By clicking on the map, you can access the contact, route and comments of the place you have chosen.

1 – Hatay Long Bazaar

You can stop by the historical Uzun Bazaar where you can find shopping and Hatay local products . If you are hungry, you can taste various coffees at the inns in the bazaar, where you can also indulge in Hatay delicacies. In this city on the Silk Road  , the Long Bazaar is an iconic place that combines history and commerce. 17th century You can find many natural products such as laurel soaps, pomegranate syrups, licorice root and olive oil in the historical Uzun Çarşı , built in Istanbul. It is one of the lifebloods of the city with its length exceeding 3 km with its various branches. Uzun Çarşı , which hosts hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists , is a list of places to visit in Hatay.I think it should be number 1. I had sipped Menengüç coffee, which I had tasted in Adıyaman before.

2 – Harbiye Waterfalls

The center of Antakya is only 7 km. You should go to the Harbiye waterfalls flowing in a lush nature at a distance . This is the place where you can spend a nice and enjoyable day to relieve your stress. Harbiye Waterfalls, which you can reach in 15 minutes, are like many waterways flowing through the forest to the stream below. Do not expect a huge waterfall, but I can say that it is peaceful with its thin water flowing from all sides and the sound of birds in the forest. The waterfall and its surroundings are surrounded by businesses. Cafes and restaurants have turned everywhere. While going down the dirt road to the waterfall, there are shops where many souvenirs and local products are sold. I think even though it spoils its naturalness, it is flooded by thousands of local and foreign visitors. Restaurant pricesSeems a little high to me. After all, it is a tourist destination.

Antakya Harbiye Waterfall

You can buy souvenirs made with various local handicrafts and local soap, olive oil and the famous pomegranate syrup from the villagers.

3 – Yayladağı Aba Wrestling

You can go to Yayladağı for Aba wrestling, which is held traditionally every year. The first week of August is held in a festive mood with the participation of wrestlers from all provinces. It is a good thing that the 5,000-year-old ancestral sport heritage of Aba Wrestling, held at Yayladağı Devrent Recreation Area, is being continued. If you happen to be here in August, I would say don’t miss it. 

4- Hatay Highlands; Hatay Attractions

If you want to see the natural beauties and feel the highland air in this historical city, there are many plateaus. You can go to Güzelyayla and Atik Plateau in Belen district . While you are in Belen , you can see the social complex built by Suleiman the Magnificent .

5 – Kirikhan Golbasi

For a day in touch with nature, you can come to Gölbaşı Lake Adalar Mahallesi with various promenade and walking areas. Another natural wonder place. 50 km from Antakya. Gölbaşı and its surroundings, where you can go in 55 minutes, are among the places where people can breathe with picnic and camping areas. You can fish, go hiking, have a barbecue and picnic and spend a nice and quiet day. 

6 – Archeology Museum

It is possible to see many historical artifacts from different periods from the Archeology Museum , Hatay and its surroundings, located in the Antakya republic square . Visited by history buffs, the museum has the 2nd largest mosaic collection in the world and the 3rd largest coin collection in the world. You can see all the ruins of 11 thousand years of Hatay and its environment history here. Especially the mosaic work is wonderful. Many historical artifacts unearthed in the mounds of the Amik plain and the human skulls in the glass faus were quite impressive. It consists of many sections with ancient exhibits of the medieval and Islamic world. 

Approximately 35 thousand works, including Hittite, Roman and Byzantine periods, are on display. Hatay Archeology Museum, which has 8 separate exhibition halls, was opened in 1948. 

Hatay Archeology Museum Entrance Fee 2020 

  • Adult 1 person 30 TL
  • Student Free
  • Free with museum card. 

Where is Hatay Archeology Museum ?

  • Address: Masuklu Mahallesi Ataturk Caddesi Antakya
  • Phone : 0 326 225 10 60
  • Location : Full location Click for 

Hatay Archeology Museum Visiting Hours 2020 

Summer Period 1 April – 1 October
– Opening Time: 08:30
– Closing Time: 19:00

Winter Period October 1 – April 1
Opening Time: 08:30
Closing Time: 17:00

7 – St. Pierre Church

Buried in the rocks of Haç Mountain , 2 km from the center of Antakya , St. You can see the St. Pierre Church . This church, which was built inside a natural cave, was the most important center that allowed the spread of Christianity at that time. Hz. One of Jesus ‘ apostles, St. In the church founded by Pierre , Hz. Those who believed in Jesus and the Bible were called Christians for the first time. Pilgrimage by Pope Paul VIVarious events are held every year on 29 June in this historical church, which has been declared as the place of birth. It is known as the place where St. Peter, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, first preached. Known as the first church of Christianity, this St. Peter’s Church Rome Imp. It has been declared as the official place of consummation by. It is where the Catholic faith of St. Peter, who began to preach as the first pope, began to spread throughout the world. 

MS 4 . century mosaics, in a small niche St. Pierre statue and secret tunnels. 

st. Pierre Church Entrance Fee 2020 

  • Adult 1 person 30 TL
  • Student Free
  • Free with museum card. 

st. Where is Pierre Church Museum?

  • Address: Küçükdalyan Mahallesi
  • Phone : 0 326 225 15 68
  • Location : Full location Click for 

Hatay Archeology Museum Visiting Hours 2020 

Summer Period 1 April – 1 October
– Opening Time: 08:30
– Closing Time: 19:00

Winter Period October 1 – April 1
Opening Time: 08:30
Closing Time: 17:00

8 – Antakya Great Mosque and the Tomb of Habibi Neccar

A mosque was built by Muslim Arabs in 636 on the tomb of Habibi Neccar , who was one of the first to believe in Christianity, the true religion of the period . It was built in 1271 by the order of the Mamluk Sultan Baybars . Grand Mosque It has been an important belief center for Muslims.

With its face facing the Orontes River in Antakya Center, the Great Mosque is full of worshipers with all its history. The first mosque of Anatolia, which the Christians visited,  Hz. There is the tomb of the two apostles of Jesus . Today, it is still open to worship as a mosque.

9 – Antakya Castle

Antakya Castle , which has the longest walls in Anatolia after Istanbul, has not survived to the present day by preserving its integrity. Iron Gate and 2nd century in Antakya Castle, where we can see some of the city walls and walls. You can see the ruins of the aqueduct built by the Roman emperor. However, it has a magnificent view towards Antakya. He was left unattended and left in rubbish and bottles everywhere. It can be climbed for the view of Antakya. 

Full location Click for 

10 – Samandag St. Simeon Monastery (Places to visit in Hatay)

18 km from Antakya. located on the road to Samandag at a distance of St. Simeon Monastery is in the area of ​​intense interest of visitors. One of the representatives of the Terkü Dünya sect, St. This monastery was built with the arrival of Simeon in 540 AD. It consists of 3 separate churches and annexes. Now he continues to fight against time in a situation abandoned to his fate. 

Known as the world’s first port city, Samandağ was established where  the Asi River empties into the Mediterranean . In order to protect the port from alluvium carried by the Orontes River, the Roman Emperor Vespesianous had a 1330-meter-long tunnel built in the 1st century AD.

25 km from Antakya. 30 minutes away from St. Simeon Monastery is on a hill overlooking the region. For this, you need to walk up the hill for about 15 minutes. The surrounding wind turbines and sounds also offer a very impressive view. 

11 – Samandag Rock Tombs

There are cemeteries on the rocks right next to this great tunnel built to protect the port. The most famous among the tombs is the cradle cave. However, it stands in ruins with its abandoned face. In fact, such valuable structures, where history is so disregarded, are our disgrace. Rock Tombs 58 km from Antakya. It is located in Iskenderun, 1 hour away. I think you should see it once again.

12 – Samandag Hz. Hidir Tomb

Hz. There is also a shrine known as Khidr’s Place. Located on the beach of Samandag, Hz. Hidir Tomb is 27 km from the center of Antakya. 35 min. at distance. When you entered, you had to go around the tomb 3 times. Otherwise, they say, your deeds will not happen. 

13 – Samandag Armenian Village

You can go to Vakıflı , the only Armenian village in Turkey . You can visit the vineyards, gardens and fields where organic agriculture is made and the village church which is still in use. There is an Armenian Catholic church and the Moses Tree in the village. The Armenian Village, which can be reached via the Hıdır Bey road, is 26 km from the center of Antakya. It is 40 minutes away. The environment is very clean and tidy, there are also local and souvenir shops. 

14 – Haron Hell Boatman stone statue

Haron Hell Boatman has survived from the Hellenistic period to the present day. st. This head-covered relief, which is 10. away from the Pierre Church, was made in the form of a human portrait with a height of 4 meters and a width of 1.5 meters. According to the legend; With the plague epidemic, this was done during the plague epidemic, which caused the death of many people in and around Hatay. 

It was built on the slope of the mountain, which sees the city from above, at the request of the soothsayer named Leios, to protect it from diseases Known as the Hell Boatman in mythology , the relief was left unfinished with the end of the plague epidemic. Today, it is one of the historical places left unattended. Garbage and walls with sprays of nonsense are written. 

Hatay Dortyol

15 – Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex

We are now in the Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Kulliye , which was a frequent destination for caravans in Hatay on the Silk Road in history . For years, it hosted its guests with a market place, bath, caravanserai, mosque and madrasah in the complex built after the Cyprus victory. 83 km from Antakya Center. It is located next to Payas castle in Payas, 15 hours away. 

The visitors of this historical place, which attracts attention with the 1400-year-old Olive tree in the courtyard of the complex, are never lacking. There are 40 shops in the complex where local products are sold and all of the operators are women. Another cultural heritage that should be on your list of places to visit in Hatay. 

16 – Payas castle (Places to visit in Hatay)

You can also go to Payas Castle , which is right next to the Kulliye . The Cin Tower, which was built by the Genoese and used for observation purposes, is also quite interesting. In the Byzantines, Yavuz Sultan Selim conquered it while returning from the Egyptian campaign and passed to the Ottoman state. The Ottomans restored this castle and turned it into 4 corners and 8 towers. It is known that it was built in 1571 by Sokullu Mehmet Pasha. 

From here you can pass to Sincan Village and see Damlataş Cave .

Iskenderun Harbor and Beaches 

Iskenderun Port is one of the most important ports of Turkey . It was founded by the famous Macedonian king Alexander the Great . When you come to Iskenderun with its modern new face Paragliding and you can do sailing in the Mediterranean. If you want to swim, you should go to Arsuz beach. 33 km. away from this beach is fine sandy and beautiful. Although there are many historical places, it is also possible to cool off on the unique beaches of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Hatay Ney production…

Ney’s made from reeds grown on the banks of the Orontes River are the best in the world.

How to get to Hatay?

Erzincan, the precious city of Turkey and Eastern Anatolia, has managed to attract many visitors with its history and culture. Especially in summer and spring, many tours are organized under the name of cultural tours. It is very easy to reach Erzincan with its highly developed transportation facilities.

  • Transportation by bus;   You can find buses to Hatay from all major cities in Turkey.
  • Transportation by Train: There are regular train services to Hatay, which is on the Adana route.
  • Transportation by plane:   25 km from Antakya. 30 min. There are direct flights from Hatay Airport and big cities.
  • Transportation by Car: If you are going with your own vehicle, if you are coming from the Southeast, you can reach them via Antep and Osmaniye. If you are coming from Arkara side, you can reach Hatay via Aksaray Adana. 

How Many Km Is Hatay?

  • How many km is it from Antakya to Iskenderun ? 62 km. 1 hour 10 min.
  • How many km is it from Samandag to Antakya? 25 km. 35 min
  • How many km is it from Adana to Hatay? 194 km. 2.5 hours
  • How many km is it from Osmaniye to Hatay? 134 km. 2 hours 
  • How many km is it from Gaziantep to Hatay? 207 km. hour 40 min.
  • How many km is it from Ankara to Hatay? 669 km. 7.5 hours
  • How many km is it from Antalya to Hatay? 793 km. 10 hours
  • How many km is it from Istanbul to Hatay? 1123 km. 12.5 hours 

Where to stay in Hatay, hotel and accommodation map

With this map, where you can see the hotel and hostel accommodation fees in your Hatay trip, you can choose the hotel you want and see the  price, location, communication and comments  . When we look at where to stay in Hatay  , we come across   hotels and accommodation options suitable for every budget, with prices ranging from 150 to 350 TL .

For current and online HATAY hotels and hostels in 2020

click the map. 

There is a wide range of accommodation opportunities with the developing trade with the Yayladağ and Cilvegözü border gates . It can host you with local delicacies from 5-star hotels to boutique hotels, from motels to family pensions.

Where and what to eat in Hatay? Restaurant and Diner map 2020

With the Hatay restaurants and restaurants map, you can choose the place you want and see the  price, location, communication and comments  . Where and what to eat in Hatay? When we look at it , there are food options suitable for every budget with varying prices in the restaurants and restaurants   where you can find all the local flavors of the region  .

For current and online HATAY restaurants and restaurants in 2020

click the map. 

Hatay Local Dishes

You can get lost in the land of flavor with various kebabs, appetizers and salads while you are on the smoke of the künefe cooked on embers.

Paper kebab, Oruk. You can choose and eat local delicacies such as Ham, Aşur, Semirsek, Kunefe, Semolina Halva with Cheese, Pumpkin Dessert, Pepper with Walnuts, Moldy Coconut Salad, Salted Yoghurt, and Hummus.

Hatay places to visit, history, culture and nature

With its modern accommodation facilities, historical inns and baths, modern shopping centers, Hatay is a city where all your needs are met and you can visit as you please. I’m sure there are many more places to write about the history, culture and nature of places to visit in Hatay . I tried to write down the main and priority places.

You cannot tour Anatolia without history. The list of places to visit in Hatay , the gateway of the Middle East to the world in the Mediterranean , I tried to share my travel notes  for the 16 best places .

You cannot tour Anatolia without history. I tried to explain the best 16 places with the list and map of Hatay, the door of the Middle East opening to the world in the Mediterranean.