Let me share with you my travel notes about Ayvalık Islands boat tour and prices like Miss with its nature and historical beauties. Let’s talk a little bit about the routes of the boat tour, departure places, swimming breaks, animators, music accompanied by DJ and food with treats.

Ayvalık is visited with the most beautiful Boat Tours

You should definitely take a boat tour to enjoy the history of the mythological ages, the Kaz Mountains, famous for their abundance of oxygen, and the unique islands in the clear blue sea. You ask why ? You know, if you want every beauty to be at once. Or you want to taste many different tastes at the same time while eating, Ayvalık is one of the most beautiful places to meet those moments when you are insatiable while traveling and having fun. You can experience these beauties, where you can feel these emotions by inhaling and find everything at once , with the Ayvalık Islands Boat tour like Miss . On your guided Ayvalık Islands boat tour, you also get detailed information about historical places and places to visit.

Ayvalik  Kaz Mountains jeep safari toursClick for more information about.

Ayvalık Islands Boat Tours Through My Eyes

You can discover all the beauties of the Aegean Sea by swimming in its unique coves around the islands, feast on the most famous flavors of the region, wander through its mythological history, and have unlimited fun with live music while you sail on the boat under the Aegean sun and wind.

As a nature and history lover and having traveled around Ayvalık many times, I am experienced in tours of the region.Miss TourismI chose . I believe that you will experience this insatiability with the service priority quality tours of Mr. Feridun, the Company Owner, and his team.

Where does the Ayvalık Islands Boat tour depart from with Miss Turizm?

Akçay in Ayvalık is also a very large holiday region. If you are in the holiday regions of Ayvalık and its surroundings, you can join these tours without going to the center of Ayvalık. Ayvalık Islands boat tours depart from Akçay port with Akçay-based Miss tourism. If you are continuing your holiday in Burhaniye, Edremit, Altınoluk and Küçükkuyu, do not worry, there are also shuttles for the islands boat tour.

Ayvalık Islands Boat Tour departure and return times with Miss Turizm

In my opinion, although the morning departure time is a little late, Miss Tourism Ayvalık Islands boat tour departure time is at 11:00 from Akçay port. By turning this into an advantage, you can have your breakfast without getting up too early in the morning and drink it over coffee. Evening return is around 18:30. But I can say that the day is full.

Where to visit with the Ayvalık Islands Boat Tour like Miss?

There are about 24 small and large islands in and around Ayvalık. Although we cannot swim in all of the islands, we will be able to see many of them during the trip. However, you can enjoy the Aegean Sea to the fullest with swimming breaks in its most beautiful bays. Snorkel lovers will also surprise you with their underwater beauty and vitality. With the most famous historical Cunda island (Alibey Island) break, you can visit the historical streets, stone cafe, churches and the famous Windmill with its sunset.

Ayvalık Islands Boat tour excursion route…

In the spring and summer periods, these daily tours depart every day, and there are route differences according to the company. Let me share the Ayvalık Islands boat tour route with Miss Turizm now..

Artur Güvercinlik bay is the first stop of the Ayvalık boat tour route departing from Akçay port with Miss Turizm. A clean beach with a Blue Flag greets you first. I can say that the water is a little cold. There is a lifeguard on this beach where all age groups can swim safely. There are many cafes and restaurants on the beach. Even though there is not much time for these, I would say keep it in mind in case you want to go later. It’s a quiet, quiet place where you can have a good time.

Rabbit Island Swimming break.. It is one of the most beautiful places among the uninhabited islands in Ayvalık. You will watch the fish walking in the sparkling water and the underwater life as if you were watching an aquarium. You can find the chance to swim with colorful fish in the rocky areas of Ayvalık Tavşan Island, a favorite of snorkeling enthusiasts.

Girl Island Swimming break.. Girl Island is one of the most beautiful islands where you can go by boat, which is usually visited by the boats departing from Akçay with Mis Turizm. There is a swimming break for about 1 hour in this natural wonder where you can swim and have fun with its clear sea.

Historical Cunda island tour…  The largest of the Ayvalık Islands, with its historical background and legends, it is a place you will never forget. During the approximately 2-hour break in Cunda, our guide informs us about the island’s history and places to visit, and we start to visit the main places. While walking through the narrow roads between typical Aegean stone houses, you come across mini restaurants and cafes where you can taste the local delicacies unique to the island. It is quite interesting with its abundance of souvenirs and colorful appearance. Do not leave without seeing the Taksiyarkis church, the Panaya church, the church with a clock that has been converted from a church to a mosque, the windmill that has been the subject of movies and TV series, and the lovers’ hill. While you are on the island of Cunda, you can sip your black mulberry ice cream in the island-specific melon and your coffee in the famous stone coffee.

What is the lunch menu in Ayvalık Islands boat tour?

Here, after swimming a lot with the excitement and beauty of your trip, a hunger for fresh air begins inside you. At this point, you start to feel the good smells coming from the boat. In fact, the very famous papalina fish in Ayvalık and its surroundings is indispensable for these tours. This papalina fish, which I know as a small sardine, is very satisfying with its special sauce pasta and seasonal salad. I have participated in many boat tours in many touristic regions of Turkey, but only in Ayvalık Islands boat tours . Is there anyone who can’t get enough of fish?” they shout and serve again and again. so that! You feed the seagulls with your hands, who can’t finish your plate and come to the smell. If it is not the season for fish, you can still encounter meat dishes as mixed grill on the menu. No matter how full you are, a fruit plate comes in front of you later on. However, only drinks are chargeable. Although the prices are a holiday area and a boat tour, they are not too exaggerated.

Ayvalık Islands Boat Tour music and entertainment…

The music accompanied by the DJ, which does not stop even while swimming, eating and drinking on a boat tour with the Aegean sun and refreshing wind, is the kind that will make people shed their wolves. In the morning, with the music that starts when you get on the boat, the fun begins with the open-air disco style on the top floor of the boat. Those who want to sunbathe in the company of music, those who want to throw themselves on the track and enjoy the day and the tour. There is such an organization for music and entertainment!.. While the DJ and animators are making us excited with their unique dances, your pleasure continues between swimming breaks. In addition, live music with local artists and various competitions continue until the end. So we will understand, Do not see this as just a boat tour, It is almost a full entertainment package with its unique bays, meals, historical places and excursions, music, competitions in the company of a guide.

Miss Tourism Islands Boat Tour Prices 2021

Boat tours in various parts of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, prices are quite variable. Among these, Ayvalık is quite assertive in terms of price and performance. So I think you get a lot for the money you pay.  Miss Turizm Ayvalık boat tour price is 130 TL in 2021. That includes the hearty lunch I told you about, she. You get alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the bar of the boat as an extra. We can say that beverage prices are within the framework of the prices you can find in Ayvalık cafe bars.

Where is the Ayvalık Islands Boat Tour with Mis Turizm?

Bursa and Balikesir Ayvalık Miss Tourism , which is a tour and tourism company in Akçay, is located in Balikesir Ayvalık District Akçay Town. I am attaching the map link for you to find it easily.