It’s time to explore for travel notes and places to visit in Zonguldak, the city of black diamonds mixed with the green and blue of the Black Sea in its magnificent nature.

What’s Zonguldak like?

Before you think with its ports, mines and heavy industry Black Sea With its natural plateaus, caves, waterfalls, history and many natural beauties, Zonguldak is also very rich in terms of travel notes and places to visit.

Zonguldak Natural Beauties

Zonguldak Eregli Kizilcapinar Dam Lake

This dam lake, which was built by DSI in 1994 in Karadeniz Ereğli, and its surroundings are beautiful enough to allow you to spend a peaceful day with its lush environment. It has an ideal environment for a long walk or a nice day spent with picnic areas around it.

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Where and what kind of place is Zonguldak Göldağı Nature Park?

It is one of the most beautiful places where you can take a long nature walk or camp in nature in Zonguldak, which contains all the greenery of the Black Sea. With the size of Göldağı Nature Park , you can feel yourself in the endless forests. You can reach this nature paradise in 22 km and 30 minutes from the center of Zonguldak.

Ciftdere Nature Reserve

To go to this natural wonder, you need to start moving away from the Black Sea from Zonguldak towards Karabük. You have to go a little further. From Zonguldak to Karabük, 110 km. It takes 2 hours. Along with many wild animals, there are plant species that even scientists come to study. Ciftdere Nature Reserve , where wild animals such as roe deer and lynx are also found, is  among the places that should not be visited without seeing.

Let me tell you the story of the first discovery of coal in the Ottoman period…

In the 1800s, war and commercial ships were powered by steam. Steam power, on the other hand, is obtained with coal, and there was no place where coal was found in the Ottoman lands. Sultan Mahmud II announced that he would reward those who find coal in the Ottoman lands. The soldiers in the Ottoman army were shown coal and asked to look for this black mine when they went to their hometown. Uzun Mehmed lived in Kestanelik village of Ereğli in the present Black Sea in 1829.when it goes down to the sea shore, it makes a fire in the black stones. Then he sees that these stones are burning with fire. He realizes that it is the coal shown to him when he was a soldier and takes a sack of coal to Istanbul. Realizing that it is coal, the Sultan rewards Uzun Mehmed with 30 gold. He also orders 6 gold salaries until he dies. A monument is erected for Uzun Mehmet, who discovered this land in those years.

Zonguldak Museums 

Black Sea Eregli Museum (Halil Pasha Mansion)

In the city museum, also known as the 2-storey Cibiroğlu mansion, built by Greek masters in the 19th century, 341 items are on display. Interesting artifacts such as old life items and medical supplies are on display. The museum, which is open between 9 am and 7 pm, is free of charge. The mansion, which was built by Halil Pasha in the 1800s, now awaits its visitors with a 3-storey museum. 2202 historical artifacts and 4695 coins belonging to the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, which were unearthed as a result of excavations in the first floor and garden, are on display. On the second floor, life was tried to be revived with local clothes and household items.

Gazi Alemdar Ship Museum

During the First World War, the French wanted to take the Alemdar ship by force in Karadeniz Ereğli. The Gazi Alemdar ship and its personnel, which were grounded in order not to give up, became the heroes of this liberation struggle. Unable to digest this, the French attack Karadeniz Ereğli. They managed to spray it with the support of the local people with digging shovels. This ship is still waiting for its history-loving visitors as the Gazi Alemdar ship museum on the Ereğli coast. The events of that day were tried to be staged with many animations and models inside the ship. Your museum card all the time, but admission here is free.

The museum, which is free of charge, awaits history lovers between 9 am and 5 pm.

Zonguldak Mining Museum

Another way to understand Zonguldak is to visit this Zonguldak Mining Museum . You can see the adventure of coal management, which is today’s black apple, from the Ottoman Empire to the present, with special animations. The excavation tools and clothes used from history to the present are very interesting. You can take a digital journey into a coal and mining history with interactive screens for young people and children.

It is possible to visit the Zonguldak Mining Museum, which you can visit free of charge, between 9 am and 5 pm.

Zonguldak Beaches for Zonguldak travel notes and places to visit

Famous Zonguldak Filyos Beach

Sand in the Black Sea is one of the rare places where you can enjoy the sea-sun trio. It takes about an hour from Zonguldak, where children can swim easily with its sheltered harbor structure, to the east from the coast in the direction of Çatalağzı . If you have Filyos Municipality of Çaycuma district on your route, do not pass by Filyos Beach .

Zonguldak Zoo

You can come to this zoo for a different activity with your children at the weekend. In Zonguldak Zoo , you can see many domestic and wild animals and observe their lives. His sculptures, which are exactly measured in many animals, have also added color to the environment.

Zonguldak Gokgol Cave

Gökgöl Cave , one of the most beautiful and interesting caves I have visited, has a total length of 3350 meters. However, 875 meters of it was arranged and opened to visitors. The stalactites, stalagmites and columns in the Gökgöl cave, which consists of 4 sections , are quite impressive. You should join this cave journey with a stream flowing through it.

Zonguldak Kapuz Beach

Kapuz Beach is a beautiful place where you can swim safely in the center of Zonguldak . Being the only blue flag beach of the city, it is preferred due to its proximity even though it is crowded in summer and on weekends. There are many cafes, restaurants and accommodation facilities around. This beach is only 180 meters long and 25 meters wide.

Hellmouth Caverns:

It is the cave known as Hades’ underworld in the legend of Hercules. At the entrance of the Hell mouth cave, the cave, which was later built as a church, can be visited as a honey in the Black Sea Ereğli Museum Directorate. It consists of 3 separate caves as Church cave, Ayazma cave and Hell mouth cave . 1300 meters The cave is 350 meters long after the collapse. It can be toured. The museum welcomes many visitors by drawing attention with the legend of the Hell mouth cave, which you can visit for free with your card. The entrance fee is 6 TL or you can enter for free with the Museum card.

I wrote the travel notes of Zonguldak, the city of black diamonds mixed with the green and blue of the Black Sea in its magnificent nature, and my recommendations for places to visit. Although there is not much to do in winter, Zonguldak, which has managed to protect itself in the shadow of heavy industry and mines, is rich enough to fill your summers.

Where is Zonguldak, how to get there?

I tried to write for the travel notes and places to visit of Zonguldak, the city of black diamonds mixed with the green and blue of the Black Sea in its magnificent nature.

have a nice holiday…