Monaco , one of the smallest countries in Europe and the world , is a city-state ruled by a principality. Located in Europe, on the Mediterranean coast, only 15 km from Italy, Monaco is a country known for its high level of prosperity and millionaires. The country, which hosts 1.5 million tourists a year, is among the most reliable places in the world.

With its luxury casinos, magnificent residences where multi-millionaires live, marinas where you can see the most luxurious yachts in the world, stylish shops, and the famous Grand Prix Formula races held every year, Monaco is a pleasant tourism destination in Southern Europe.

Located in the northwest of the country, La Condamine is known as the country’s oldest commercial district. Monte Carlo, the most important region of the country, is known for its luxury casino complex, opera house, hotels, shops, nightclub, French and Italian restaurants. Fontvieille, named after the fountain located here, is the country’s economic and industrial region.

The Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious in the world, has been held in the country every year since 1929. The organization, which takes place by turning the country streets into tracks, is among the most important car races in the world. The country’s biggest football team, AS Monaco, competes in Ligue 1, France’s top football league.

Brief information about Monaco 🇲🇨

The historical past of Monaco, whose official name is the Principality of Monaco, dates back to the 13th century. The name of the country is thought to come from Monoikos, which means one house in Ancient Greek. The reason for this is that the people of the region mostly live in detached houses. It is known as the second smallest independent state in the world after the Vatican.

The Principality of Monaco gained its independence from the Republic of Genoa on 8 January 1297. The country ruled by a constitutional monarchy is headed by Prince Albert II of Monaco from the Grimaldi Family. The country, which is ruled by a monarchy, has been ruled by the Grimaldi Family since 1297.

The son of Prince Rainer III of Monaco and the famous American actress Grace Kelly, Albert II lives in a building that was built by the Genoese as a castle in 1215 and is now used as a palace. According to the agreement signed between France and Monaco in 2002, if the Grimaldi Family does not inherit one day, the administration of the country will be completely under the control of France, but the independent people status of the country will continue.

More French citizens live in the country than those of Monaco origin. Natives of the country, or Monacos born elsewhere, call themselves Monegasquen. Only one-fifth of the inhabitants of the kingdom are referred to as Monegasque.

Although the official language of the country is French, English and Italian are also widely spoken. Although the country has its own Monaco language, this language is spoken by a very limited group. After the French, the most populous ethnic groups in Monaco are Italians, Germans, British and Belgians.

The flag of Monaco is the same as the Indonesian flag. The only difference is that the Indonesian flag is wider. The flag, which consists of red and white colors, symbolizes the dynasty of the country. The national symbol of the country is the crested blackbird, and the national plant is known as the carnation.

The country is divided into 4 districts: Monaco Ville, La Condamine, Monte Carlo and Fontvielle. Stretching along the Mediterranean, Monaco Ville is the capital of the country. The place, which is also called Kaya, is mostly shown as a historical region.

The city-state, one of the richest countries in the world, has not been taxed on income from its citizens or residents since 1870. This is why the country is referred to as a tax haven in Europe. The official religion of Monaco is the Catholic sect of Christianity. The official currency of the country is the Euro. Monaco is one hour behind Turkey. The city-state, which has an area of ​​202 hectares, has a population of 39 thousand.

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Where is Monaco 📍

Monaco is a European country. Located in the south of Europe, east of the French city of Nice, the city-state is surrounded by France on three sides. In the south of the country is the Mediterranean Sea. 15 km east of Monaco is the border with Italy.!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d23061.475825783364!2d7.408342854653152!3d43.737881070578126!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x12cdc26f7b3f8531%3A0x74f7784c3ac49cfc!2sMonako!5e0!3m2!1str!2str!4v1571583789706!5m2!1str!2str

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How to get to Monaco ✈️

Getting to Monaco by air: The easiest way to reach Monaco from Turkey is by air. Since Monaco is a very small country, it does not have any airport other than a helipad. The closest airport to Monaco is in Nice, France.

Transportation from Nice Airport to Monaco city center: Nice Airport is 33 km from Monaco. There are bus, train, taxi, car rental and private transfer vehicle options for transportation from Nice Airport to Monaco.

The most economical means of transportation from the airport to Monaco is buses. You can reach Monaco directly in 40 minutes by buses departing from the airport arrivals terminal. Bus tickets on this line with Flixbus and airport shuttles vary between € 1-22.

There are regular flights to Monaco from the train station, which you can reach in 5 minutes at Nice Airport. It takes 45 minutes by train from Nice to Monaco. Train tickets cost between 6-12 €.

Monaco is divided into four parts: Monte-Carlo, the business and entertainment center, Monaco-Ville, the old town district, Condamine, the port district, and Fontvieille, the recreational and light industrial district. Most of the country’s income comes from touristic activity, as there are no natural resources to generate income in the country.

If you don’t enjoy gambling or watching car races, there are countless other things to do in Monaco. There are many sporting activities in Monaco such as windsurfing, skiing, sailing, golf and tennis.

For night entertainment, there are opera, ballet and theater, as well as bars and nightclubs. Home to the world’s most exclusive boutiques, Monaco also offers many shopping opportunities. Monaco, where the most prestigious brands such as Hermès, Céline, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel can find all kinds of fame from clothing to jewelry, is praised for this feature.

You can find very exclusive and rare antiques in the antique shops spread all over the city. Stade Louis II (Louis II Stadium) is large enough to accommodate half of the country’s population. Monte Carlo Casino, the country’s most famous casino, has hosted James Bond’s films Golden Eye, Casino Royal and Never Say Never.

The Monaco Palace, where the Royal Family lives, and the Monte Carlo Casino are two must-see places in the city. The Marina and Maritime Museum should also be on your list.