Finland is a safe, modern and green country with its clean air, deep blue clear sea, natural beauties, historical squares, structures reflecting different architectural periods, and organized and developed city life

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia in the northernmost part of Europe , the country carries Scandinavian culture between Russia and Sweden. Known with pine trees, deer, snow and white nights on cold winter days, Finland consists of thousands of lakes and islands.

Finland’s capital city Helsinki

Brief information about Finland ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

With its beaches stretching for kilometers along the shores of the Baltic Sea, Finland is one of the most preferred places for nature lovers. In the country, which offers many alternatives for winter sports in the winter, the nature awakening in spring is ideal for witnessing unique landscapes.

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a Northern European country. Its capital is Helsinki. The official language of Finland is Finnish. English is also among the widely spoken languages โ€‹โ€‹in the country. Finnish currency Euro. It is located in the same time zone as Turkey. Finland’s population is 5.5 million.

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Where is Finland ๐Ÿ“

Finland is located on the European continent. Finland, a Scandinavian country located in the Fennoscandian region in Northern Europe, borders Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia, and the capital of the country is Helsinki.

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How to get to Finland โœˆ๏ธ

Transportation to Finland by air: It is possible to go to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, by direct and connecting flights from Turkey. Turkish Airlines has direct flights to Helsinki from Istanbul Airport, 7 days a week, 2 times a day. Flight time from Istanbul to Helsinki is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

It is also possible to fly from Istanbul to Helsinki with Ukrainian Airlines from Kiev and Aeroflot from Moscow to Helsinki. The duration of the connecting flight varies between 6-8 hours depending on the airline company and the waiting period. You can also check the cities of Oslo and Riga for alternative flights. You can also go to Helsinki by ferry from Tallinn.

Transportation from Helsinki Airport to the city center: Helsinki Airport is 18 km from the city center. There are train, taxi, private service, car rental and private transfer vehicle options to reach the city center from the airport.

The minibuses, called Kutsuplus, are vehicles where passengers traveling in the same direction make reservations over the internet. These vehicles, which are cheaper than taxis, are similar to the dolmuลŸ system in Turkey.

Trains serving between Helsinki Central Train Station and the airport depart every 10 minutes. Another vehicle that runs from the airport to the city center is the Finnair City Bus. These buses depart every 15 minutes and reach the central train station in half an hour.

Helsinki, Finland

Finland places to visit

The capital city Helsinki, Espoo, Jyvรคskylรค, Vantaa, Turku and Pori are among the most visited cities in Finland , which is represented by 7 different places on the UNESCO World Heritage List .

Helsinki, the largest city and capital of Finland, has a cosmopolitan structure where different ethnic groups live together. Known as the ‘daughter of the Baltic Sea’, the city continues to be a maritime city. Helsinki, the country’s most important tourist city, uses the Baltic Sea for touristic activities.

Helsinki, which has 300 islands, has a milder climate than the surrounding places due to the gulf stream current. It is possible to find traces of Russians in every corner of the city, which was under Russian domination for many years.

Kaivopuisto, where sunbathing, stretching and cyclists can be seen at all hours of the day, is Helsinki’s most famous park. Linnanmaki, one of the most important amusement parks in the city, is worth visiting with 30 different amusement vehicles. The Senate Square (Senaatintori), the official center of the city, should be seen in Temppeliaukio Church to observe the traces of Russia.

Must-visit museums in Helsinki include the Finnish National Museum (Kansallismuseo), Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Seurasaari Open Air Museum, Finnish Sports Museum and Mannerheim Museum.