Mount Nemrut Excursion and Legend

I had done a South East tour for the Nemrut Mountain Trip and Legend. Mount Nemrut entrance fee 2020, its history, culture, where and how to get there.

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I came here 4 years ago in July. I went to Mount Nemrut at an altitude of 2200 meters for the trip and its legend , again in a hot summer month.

Mount Nemrut in the UNESCO World Heritage List;

I had read the Nemrut Mountain excursion and its Legend before. I came here 4 years ago in July. Mount Nemrut, at an altitude of 2200 meters , can be visited most beautifully in summer. Mount Nemrut, which is already on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is a very important place for Turkey’s tourism and promotion. Even on the way to Mount Nemrut, we come across many historical buildings belonging to the Komagene kingdom and the later period. Monumental tombs, ancient statues, historical bridges, famous sunset and sunrise.

Information about the history of Mount Nemrut:

First of all, this is where foreign archaeologists, wandering every inch of Anatolia at the end of the 1800s, came across these gigantic statues and inscriptions at 2100 meters. When they examined it, they saw that this temple tomb had a more complex and insoluble structure than the Egyptian pyramids. The 10-meter-high statues, the meaning of which will be understood later, and the heads of statues neatly lined up next to them. What is more interesting is that there are endless underground tunnels extending under this structure and going deep into Mount Nemrut . These tunnels are thought to lead to the tomb of the king, who is buried here. But the tomb has not been found for hundreds of years. This mysterious temple 62It was built by Antiochos, the king of the Komagene State, as his own tomb. His goal is to continue his eternal life as a god. According to historical documents, the top of the mountain was shaved by the workers and turned into a funnel shape.

Mount Nemrut Adiyaman

The tunnels of Mount Nemrut and the hidden tomb;

The tomb of the king was placed at the end of the mixed tunnels tens of meters underground. Although the tombs of the kings in the Egyptian Pyramids were not easy, they were found after long studies. It has been in this temple for thousands of years. It could not be unearthed as a result of the work of treasure hunters, Romans, thieves and even 40 different archaeologists. The fact that it is hidden in such a secret place reveals the value of the secrets it takes. According to Mount Nemrut and its legend , it was not until the 1940s that the local people thought it was cursed. It is said that the treasure hunters who went to the mountain never came back, making the place cursed.

One of the biggest mysteries is the underground tunnels , where the end has not been discovered yet . It is so complex that people who enter the tunnels may not be able to get out if it is not banned. Historical records say that hundreds of treasure hunters lost their lives in these tunnels. Speaking of hundreds of tunnels that have not yet been discovered besides the known ones, archaeologists say that the people of Komagene would have lived inside the mountain. Otherwise, why would a network system be set up in such a remote corner that would overshadow even the Egyptian Pyramids ?

Adıyaman Mount Nemrut Entrance fee 2020;

With the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the entrance to the ancient site of Mount Nemrut, which was free before, has been made paid for all domestic and foreign tourists.

  • A fee of 25 TL has been determined for everyone, including the transportation fee . 
  • In addition, 6 TL entrance fee will be charged for Perre Antique City .
  • Free with museum card.
  • Student free.

Adıyaman Mount Nemrut Visiting Hours 2020;

Visitors to Mount Nemrut come to watch the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in the world. Due to the intensity of visits in the morning and evening hours, sunrise and sunset times that change according to the season are taken into account. According to this, no matter what month you are on, it is opened to visitors before sunrise and closed after sunset. 

How Are Mount Nemrut Statues Made?

The interesting thing is how these gigantic statues were made 2000 years ago. Even today, it is known that one can go out with donkeys or on foot after going out with vehicles. Another detail is that the closest water source is 3 hours away. The temperature, which is 45 degrees during the day, becomes freezing at night. How these 8-ton stones were transported and carved 2000 years ago under these conditions is an unbelievable event.

The mystery of Mount Nemrut Statues!

Of course, the mysteries are not so much. The strange features of some statues on Mount Nemrut stand out. One is the Lion statue . 19 constellations and three different planets are depicted on it. These planets are Jupiter, Mars and Mercury . In fact, many planets have been known since ancient times. However, the interesting thing is that these figures  were made in accordance with the Hittite period .

The mystery begins here because the Hittites lived thousands of years before the kingdom of Komagene and disappeared without a trace. According to historians, what happened to the Hittites is still unknown. Historians say that when they solve the mystery in the tunnels of Mount Nemrut, the question of what happened to the Hittites will be answered.

Although Komagene was a small kingdom, they defeated the Romans who attacked them. According to the records of the Roman generals, they could do nothing against the thousands of soldiers coming out of the mountain.

Next to the statues, the Eagle and Lion Sculptures depict the God of Earth and Sky, while the upside down snake statue is seen as a symbol of the reign of the underground. That is why many questions will remain unanswered unless the real legend inside the mountain is discovered.

Mount Nemrut sunset and sunrise;

Now for us today, this is a mountain full of legends. Watching the sunset or sunrise on Mount Nemrut, where we came for touristic purposes . I was lucky enough to watch the sunset. Many travelers and historians around the world thought that this sunset at 2100 meters added beauty to these legends.

This is the legend of a king who succumbed to time in search of immortality.

The following words written by the King on the stone welcome the visitors to Mount Nemrut . “ Here, as you can see, I made the statues that were truly worthy of the gods. Sculptures of Zeus, Apollo, Ares and the statue of Komagene, the homeland that nurtures everything. I placed my own statue next to the statues made of the same stone and sitting on the same throne. And if you brother come here and pray for me, remember that I will hear you.”

Cendere Bridge on the way to Mount Nemrut

It was built in the 1st century AD (after the collapse of the Commagene Civilization, which built the Mount Nemrut monuments), by Septimus Severus, the commander of the Roman army. The bridge , which was built 2000 years ago by placing stone blocks on top of each other without using any cement-like material, is still in use today. In fact, vehicles were passing through this bridge until 10 years ago. The 2000-year-old Cendere Bridge, with its size and visual splendor, blew our minds on the way to Mount Nemrut . We couldn’t get enough of taking pictures at the bridge, which is one of the places frequented by tourist groups.

Brief information about where and where Arsameia Summer Campus is:

Antiochos , who had the Mount Nemrut monuments built , did not stop here either. In the Arsamenia Region, where the Commagene Civilization , of which he was the king, spent the summers, this monument was built with an inscription and a relief on the front. He shakes hands with Hercules , the god of power . In a way, it takes away from him. He did everything to deify himself.

Where is the Karakuş Tumulus and information about:

Mithradates, the son of Antiochus, who also had the Commagene King Nemrut built, had the Karakuş Mausoleum built on a hill tumulus for his mother. On all four sides of the hill are statues of a blackbird, a lion, a bull and Mithradates shaking hands with Apollo, the god of light.

How far is it from Adıyaman to Mount Nemrut?

  • Between Adıyaman and Mount Nemrut (from Arsameia by Antique road) 77 km
  • Directly 86 km from Adıyaman to Mount Nemrut
  • 66 km from Adıyaman Airport to Mount Nemrut
  • Adıyaman Cendere Bridge 54 km
  • Adıyaman Arsameia (Cendere Bridge Route) 61 km

Where is Mount Nemrud?

When to go to Mount Nemrut?

The most suitable season for climbing Mount Nemrut is between 15 May and 15 October . This is the most suitable season for watching the sunrise, sunset and visiting historical places.

Accommodation options for Adıyaman Mount Nemrut Trip

There are no facilities for accommodation in and around Mount Nemrut. You have to use the central hotels in Adıyaman and its districts. If you didn’t come with the tour. There are many hotels, hostels and apartments in the center. From here, you should either take your own vehicle or join daily tours. I suggest you daily tours. Because even when they go to Mount Nemrut with a guide, they go out by visiting many historical places. It is divided into two as morning sunrise or evening sunset tours. The choice is yours. 

Adıyaman Mount Nemrut Campgrounds :

Unfortunately, there is no camping area in Adıyaman Nemrut Mountain and its surroundings. I researched a little. The nearest 24 km. 40 min. There is a camping area near the Cendere bridge. Phone: 0531 711 17 73 

 I have shared my travel notes in Adıyaman, where I came for the Nemrut Mountain Trip and its Legend , as a result of my little research. It is impossible not to be impressed by the magnificence, history, culture and nature of Mount Nemrut . If you come to Adıyaman and its surroundings, I would say spare a day for this legendary place.

Adıyaman Places to Visit :

  • Mount Nemrut National Park  (71 km. 1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Adıyaman Museum  ( In the Center )
  • Adıyaman Castle   (In the Center)
  • Perre Ancient City  (4 km. 10 minutes)
  • Roman Fountain  (5 km. 11 min)
  • Historical Old Palace and Bazaar Mosque  (in the center)
  • Keles Mansion  ( In the Center )
  • Montenegro Urban Forest  (4 km. 10 minutes)
  • Kahta Castle ( 60 km. 1 hour )
  • Cendere Bridge ( 43 km. 50 min )
  • Karakuş Tumulus (38 km. 45 minutes)
  • Sofraz Tumulus Mausoleum ( 52 km. 1 hour )
  • Gölbaşı Nature Park ( 76 km. 1 hour 15 minutes )