Let me tell you the 25 most beautiful places in the style of a travel guide as historical places to visit in Edirne, the most curious of my Thrace tour.

Edirne travel notes

The historical and cultural values ​​of this rooted city, which made its name known to the world with the Ottoman Empire , are so many! Wherever you enter the city, you will see either a bridge, a hammam, a caravanserai, or a mosque with its minarets piercing the sky. Selimiye Mosque , which Mimar Sinan calls my masterpiece , can be seen from all over Edirne . It is like the treasure chest of the Ottoman Empire. A history or culture springs from every part of Edirne .

Do you believe in Edirne, the apple of the eye of history and civilization lovers? More than 3 million domestic and foreign tourists come every year . With a distance of 3 hours to Istanbul , daily tours are organized every weekend. These tourists, who come from Europe and especially the Balkans, have the opportunity to get to know the Ottoman civilization and Turkish culture closely. It is 6 km from the Greek border and only 18 km from Bulgaria . Edirne is very rich in terms of places to visit .

If you say that I came to Edirne and will travel to the fullest, you should spare 1 week. There are 612 registered historical artifacts within the provincial borders of Edirne. It is a city that can be visited in summer and winter with mosques, caravanserai, bazaars and bridges, inns and baths . For those who say they don’t have that much time, I have listed the most beautiful places to visit in Edirne . When you think of Edirne, the Selimiye Mosque , the great prisoner of Mimar Sinan, comes to mind .

Edirne Historical Places To Visit List 2020

  1. Edirne Selimiye Mosque (in the center)
  2. Three Honorable Mosque and Complex (In the Center)
  3. Ethnography and Archeology Museum (in the center)
  4. Old Mosque (In the Center)
  5. II. Beyazit complex and hospital (3 km. 7 minutes) 
  6. Selimiye Arasta (in the center)
  7. Selimiye Foundation Museum (in the center)
  8. Edirne Great Synagogue ( 1.5 km. 5 minutes )
  9. Edirne Meriç Bridge (1 km. 3 minutes)
  10. Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (in the center)
  11. Balkan Wars Museum (2 km. 7 min.)
  12. Rustem Pasha Caravanserai ( In the Center )
  13. Edirne Beyazit Bridge (1 km. 3 minutes)
  14. Macedonia Tower ( In the Center )
  15. Hidirlik Bastion 
  16. Enez Castle (161 km. 2.5 hours)
  17. Karaagac Train Station (5 km. 15 minutes)
  18. Lausanne Monument and Museum (5 km. 15 minutes)
  19. 4. Mehmet Hunting Lodge (2 km. 7 minutes)
  20. Lalapaşa Dolmens ( 25 km. 30 minutes )
  21. Kırkpınar Güneşleri Private Square (2 km. 5 minutes)
  22. Justice Pavilion (4 km. 10 minutes)
  23. Lv. Georgi Bulgarian Church ( 1.5 km. 5 min )
  24. Edirne Urban Forest (3 km. 10 minutes)
  25. Hacı Adil Bey fountain (5 km. 10 minutes)

Edirne Historical Places to Visit Map 2020

Historical Places to Visit in Edirne

1 – Edirne Selimiye Mosque

As soon as you enter Edirne, Semiye Mosque , which can be seen from everywhere with its 70-meter minarets, is among the first places to visit. Selimiye Mosque, which Master Mimar Sinan called my masterpiece, was started in 1569 and completed in 1575 in 6 years. This magnificent mosque, which he designed and built at the age of 80, is one of the most masterful examples of Ottoman culture and art. The mosque, which was made of cut stone suitable for the period, is a masterpiece with marble, mother-of-pearl and tile embroidery. Sultan II. The mosque, which was built by Mimar Sinan by Selim , was opened to worship on March 14, 1575. Its tiles were specially made in Iznik. Its big dome has 8 columns and has an area of ​​2,475 m2. The weight of the main dome alone is 2 thousand tons .. 85 m. With its high minarets, it is known that it can be climbed with three different staircase systems independent of each other. The sound inside the mosque, which was designed with a very fine artistic architecture, also draws attention with its acoustic features. The wooden parts are walnut wood and the engravings on it are a masterpiece.

Selimiye Mosque The Story of the Inverted Tulip

There is also an inverted tulip figure in Selimiye Mosque , which has 101 types of tulip embroideries on its tiles . Many legends are spoken about the inverted tulip figure, whose secret and story cannot be fully determined . It is also said that it was built by Mimar Sinan for his deceased granddaughter Fatma , or it was built against the hardships of the owner of the mosque plot that grows tulips.

2- Üç Şerefeli Mosque and Complex

Üç Şerefeli Mosque and Complex in Edirne Cumhuriyet Squarereveals its history in all its glory. The peculiarity of this mosque, which was built in 1447 during the reign of Murat II, is that the three balconies on its minaret have different paths, that is, there are 3 intertwined staircases leading to the same minaret at the same time. 3 people climb the minaret at the same time and it is designed in such a way that no one can see each other. The courtyard of Üç Şerefeli Mosque, which has a single and large dome, is outside. In this mosque, in which a different color design was applied, the white and red stone arches on the rectangular walls of the courtyard draw attention. It was built by the architects Muslihuddin and Şehabettin. It is a madrasah with a clocked madrasa, fountain, burial ground, school and public fountain. The Western European door of the mosque, which has 3 gates, was built in a very ostentatious manner. Its 76 meters tall minaret is 6 meters high. It has a wide width.

3- Edirne Ethnography and Archeology Museum

The Ethnography Museum in Edirne , which has been the capital and home of many civilizations with its history and past, is very rich. Edirne Ethnography and Archeology Museum , where you can see the fossil remains of many rhinoceros and horse species belonging to the BC periods, you can see the works of the Neolithic and Chalcolithic period as well as the Paleontological period. In its garden, you can see Roman sarcophagi and menhirs, and at the back of the museum , tombstones from the Ottoman period . You can see household and living goods belonging to the Thracians, the ancestors of Thrace , Roman and Byzantine works, as well as Ottoman clothes and photographs. Located in the immediate vicinity of Selimiye MosqueEdirne Ethnography and Archeology Museum is one of the best ways to understand the history and culture of this place. Bone and terracotta belonging to the 5th millennium BC during the excavations carried out in the Enez Hoca Çeşme Mound are also exhibited here.

4 – Edirne Old Mosque

This old mosque symbolizing the growth of the Ottoman state. It is the largest mosque built in the 15th century. The mosque, which was built by Süleyman I in 1403, was completed in 1414 during the reign of Çelebi Sultan Mehmet . It was built by the architect Hacı Alaattin from Konya. With the construction of the mosque with three balconies, it took the name of the old mosque. Since it was the first Great Mosque of Edirne, the flag was used as the symbol of the city. Palace protocol ceremonies were held here. Since the 3rd Mustafa and 2nd Ahmet are wearing swords in the old mosque, the imams go out with swords for Friday sermons.

5 – II. Bayezid Complex and Hospital:

We used to see the Ottoman periods in very few films. When I saw this museum, I destroyed the perception created with imaginary scenarios. II, which has been included in the UNESCO World Temporary Heritage List . The Beyazıt Complex and Hospital is so beautifully and succinctly animated! It’s like we lived in that era. All kinds of explanations are made with wax sculptures and items from that period, such as movie scenes. Although the techniques applied according to today’s conditions seem primitive, they shed light on current medicine. While implementing all kinds of developments in the field of medicine in the Ottoman Empire, sick and disabled people in Europe were declared witches and burned. It should be one of those places that everyone should definitely see and experience.

Edirne Sultan II, the medical faculty of those times. Students took one-to-one lessons with the Bayezid Complex Health Museum. II. In the health complex, which was built by Bayezid in 1488, there is also a medicine production center in the health complex, where spiritual treatments are made with water and music. The treatment scenes, which are animated with wax sculptures, are quite impressive. You can visualize every scene in your mind with the signs explaining the treatment methods applied. Even the medical madrasah rooms in it have been revived, and madrasah students, who receive one-to-one training by today’s professors, can also benefit from medical science resources from many parts of the world. The Ottoman state gave so much importance to medicine! He pays both his teachers and his students. In the period, departments were opened in many branches with the leading techniques of medical science. Orthopedics,

6 – Edirne Selimiye Arasta

Selimiye Arastasi , Edirne’s covered bazaar, was built with 73 arches. There are 124 shops still active in Selimiye Arasta, also known as Kavaflar Bazaar. These shops, which meet the souvenir and home needs of Edirne and its region, generally sell weighty products to tourists. It is located on the right side of Selimiye Mosque. In this place, which was built in the middle of the bazaar and called the “prayer dome”, tradesmen used to pray and swear every morning to trade with fairness. You can find many souvenirs and local foods from Edirne and its region in Selimiye Arasta, which has 4 different entrance doors. Add Edirne to the list of places to visit.

7 – Selimiye Foundation Museum

The historical building known as Dar-ül Kurra Madrasa in Edirne was built by the great master Mimar Sinan between 1569-1575 . It served the Ottoman Empire as a Madrasa for many years. Now , as the Selimiye Foundation museum , it has been revived with historical artifacts from that period. In the museum, which reveals the education system of the 1500s, they have succeeded in bringing the education system of history to the present with its rooms for calligraphy, religious education, tile works, wood and metal works. The museum on the Edirne stone quarry street can be visited every day between 9.00 in the morning and 17.00 in the evening.

8 – Edirne Great Synagogue

Another different place to visit in Edirne, with the feature of being Europe’s 3rd largest and Turkey’s largest Synagogue. If we look at its history, it was built on the site of 14 small synagogues that were completely destroyed by a big city fire in Edirne. After this great fire in 1905, this Edirne Great Synagogue was built in 1906 with the majority of the people of the region and the opportunities from Germany and Hungary. This large synagogue, built with the permission and edict of Abdülhamit II, has a capacity of 1400 people. It was used extensively until the 1960s.

Edirne Great Synagogue Visiting Hours: 

  • Morning: 09:00- Evening: 18:00
  • It can be visited all days except Monday .
  • Edirne Great Synagogue entrance fee: Free.

9 – Historical Edirne Meriç Bridge

On our way to the Lausanne Monument in Edirne Karaağaç, we drove over the historical Edirne Meriç Bridge with our vehicle. This historical bridge, which was put into service in 1842, is still open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Built by Sultan Abdulmecit , the bridge is built on the Meriç river between Edirne and Karaağaç . The triangular prism legs of the bridge draw attention with its magnificent view. On the arches on the bridge, 8-gen star engravings, a Turkish calendar with 12 animals and two dragon figures can be seen.

10 – Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Another historical madrasah in Edirne has been turned into a museum. Dar-ül Ta-edris Madrasa is equipped with works of art brought from many parts of the world to its visitors as the Museum of Turkish-Islamic Arts . Ceramics, tiles, metal, glass products, manuscripts, items used in palaces, the room of wrestlers and many works related to the Balkan war can be seen among the works exhibited in the 14 rooms inside.

The Museum on Zehrimar Cami Street is closed on Mondays. On other days, it can be visited between 09.00 in the morning and 18.00 in the evening. 

11 – Museum of the Balkan Wars

There are war photographs, documents and various items of that period in the Balkan Wars Museum located in Edirne Kıyık area . At the entrance of the museum, the struggle of that period was emphasized with the monument of Şükrü Pasha . Şükrü Pasha’s heroism with the struggle he showed during the Balkan wars is circulating. In case of siege of Edirne, he was asked to defend Edirne for 50 days. In the meantime, it was thought that reinforcements would come from Istanbul. Despite the lack of reinforcements, Şükrü Pasha showed a superior resistance against the Bulgarian army for 5 months and 5 days under difficult conditions and conditions. A martyrdom complex was built in his name in Kıyık, where this difficult struggle took place.

Şükrü Pasha had a testament.

If I die after the enemy has crossed the lines, I do not consider myself a martyr. Don’t put me in the grave! Let dogs and birds eat my flesh. But if I am a martyr before our line of defense is broken; My shroud, fiber and soap are in my bag. You will bury me in this place, and the next generations will erect a monument over me!

12 – Rustem Pasha Caravanserai

Again , one of the works of the great master Mimar Sinan . Rüstem Pasha Caravanserai , which is used as a hotel today , was built by Mimar Sinan by the Grand Vizier Rüstem Pasha during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent . The caravanserai, located behind the Edirne Old Mosque, was built as two floors around a rectangular courtyard. It was restored in 1972 and still continues to serve as a hotel. The caravanserai, which draws attention with its small domes, stands out among the places to visit in Edirne .

13 – Edirne Beyazit Bridge

It was built for the people living in the Karaağaç region and around the Beyazıt bridge to easily come to Edirne center and mosques over the Tunca River . Beyazıt Bridge , which has the characteristics of the original Ottoman bridge architecture, was again built in 1488 by Hayrettin Pasha during the reign of Beyazid II . It provided a beautiful view with   the Aloneeye Bridge right next to it. 2. This bridge, which you need to cross to go to the Bayezid complex and the health museum , consists of 5 pointed arches and is 78 m. in length. You are already using these bridges, which are still actively open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, while visiting Edirne .

14- Macedonian Tower Edirne historical places to visit

The Macedonian Tower , one of the ruins of the ancient city , is one of the towers all over the city of Hadrianapolis, the city founded by the Roman King Hadrian. In 1866, Edirne governor Hacı İzzet Pasha had a clock placed on the wooden floor he had built on this tower. The Macedonian Tower, which is considered as the Clock Tower with a special clock brought from France, is known as the nation clock. You can taste the famous raw and coffee in and around this castle located in the center of Edirne.

15 – Hidirlik Bastion

Şükrü Pasha , who fought against the Bulgarians in the Balkan War , used the Hıdırlık bastion as a war headquarters. He fought heroically for 5 months and ensured the defense of the city against the Bulgarians that he did not pass. You should add it to your list of historical places to visit in Edirne in Hıdırlık Tabyası . 

16 – Enez Castle

Enez Castle , an old castle from ancient times, was built as a precaution against attacks from the Balkans. Reaching pre-Byzantine dates, the castle has undergone many repairs. One of the two great towers on the sea side has not survived. The castle, which can also meet the attacks that may come from the Meriç river , is among the structures that should be seen when you pass to Enez .

17 – Edirne Karaagac Train Station

I started my Edirne tour  with the Lausanne Monument and Museum  next  to Karaağaç Train Station  . While wandering the streets of Edirne full of history, you come across historical artifacts such as bridges, mosques and Turkish baths. The Train Station, on the other hand, now offers its visitors a visual and historical feast with its nostalgic appearance. The train station used as the Rectorate building of Trakya University II. It was built during the reign of Abdulhamid. This historical building and steam train continue to be featured in the photographs of visitors who come to visit Edirne. Of course, the old folks know, but there were photos of this train station on Edirne postcards.

18 – Lausanne monument and museum

Edirne is a very rich and visited region in terms of history. While history buffs were visiting this city, the  Lausanne Monument and Museum  ensured that a different historical treaty was engraved in their memories. Lausanne Monument and Museum   was built in Karaağaç district, where the Rectorate campus of Trakya University is located. The monument, which symbolizes world peace and the victory of Lausanne, and the museum next to it  , have been frequented by visitors visiting Edirne .

As a result of the Lausanne Treaty, the Turkish-Greek border was determined to be within the Turkish borders of Karaağaç train station and Bosnaköy, which is to the west of the Meriç River, which is the shape determined by the Mudanya Armistice Agreement.

What are the features of the Lausanne Monument?

This historical landmark is designed as three columns.

  • The largest of the three columns with different meanings, 36.45 m. represents Anatolia.
  • 31.95 m. The second column with its length was built to represent Thrace.
  • 17.45 m. the back column was built by representing Karaağaç.
  • 7.20 m. The circle at the height represents unity and togetherness.
  • 4.20 m. tall young girl statue on the other hand, law and aesthetics,
  • While the dove in his left hand represents peace,
  • The document in his right hand became the symbol of the Treaty of Lausanne.

19 – IV. Mehmet Hunting Lodge

Also known as the Nightingale Mansion, the IV Mehmet Hunting Mansion was built in 1671 by Mehmet the 4th. Located in the large area between the two branches of the Tunca River, the mansion was restored by Edirne Municipality in 2002 and opened to visitors.

20 – Lalapasa Dolmens

I couldn’t understand it when I first saw it. Dolmen are called horizontally placed rocks on flat and large stones at a certain interval side by side. They are thought to be mesons from prehistoric times. These stone structures in Edirne Lalapaşa have a very interesting appearance.Lalapasa DolmensI think it should be seen at least once. Edirne should be among the historical places to visit.

21 – Historical Kırkpınar Wrestling Private Square

Oil wrestling organizations are regularly held in Kırkpınar every year. The 658th Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling  , which will be held in the first week of July, will be held in the Viran lodge neighborhood on the Edirne Mustafa Paşa road. Karakucak wrestling , which came from the Hun empire period in history , is a sport made for war training in the Ottoman Empire.

As I said at the beginning of my article, there are 162 different historical places to visit in Edirne. It is not possible to visit all of them. Apart from these, I will briefly talk about the places you can add to your list of historical places to visit in Edirne.

22 – Justice Pavilion

The Justice Pavilion, located in the Edirne Sarayiçi neighborhood, where Kırkpınar oil wrestling is held every year in July, is the only surviving structure of the Edirne Palace. It is rumored that the laws of Süleyman were written in the building, which was added to the palace later by Suleiman the Magnificent.

23 – Bulgarian Church of Sweti George

Sweti George Bulgarian Church, known as the Bulgarian Church among the locals, was built in 1880. The decorative inscriptions in the church, which has a different design, are written in the old Slavic Bulgarian language.

24 – Edirne Urban Forest

Edirne Urban Forest , which you can reach Karaağaç by crossing the Beyazıt bridge, is a beautiful place where you can stay in touch with nature next to the Meriç river. There are promenade and social areas, sections for children, walking tracks and social areas in the Urban Forest, which is about 30 hectares in size.

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25 – Hacı Adil Bey Fountain Edirne Historical places to visit

It was built in 1904 by the governor of Edirne, Hacı Adil Bey. The Hacı Adil Bey Fountain , located at the beginning of the Karaağaç road at the end of the Meriç Bridge, was built by Sadrettin Bey, the director of foundations of the period.

Edirne local dishes 

You can taste the best examples of Thrace flavors in Edirne. It is quite famous for its tastes from the Ottoman palace cuisine as well as its history. 

You can try different tastes with Eirne Fried Raw Meat, Liver Wrap, Membrane, Piyaziye, Zirva, Zerde, Kakava Turkish delight.