I prepared Antalya Kumluca Places to Visit Map 2020 with its nature and history. My notes for Antalya Kumluca with its Bays and Beaches.

I went on a tour starting from Antalya and camping all the way to Fethiye with a follower. We had started our journey from our camp in Adrasan Papaz bay the day before , for the map of places to visit in Kumluca . We came to Antalaya Kumluca , which looks like a greenhouse valley, by visiting the bays and historical places in the natural beauties. Kumluca is 6 km from the beach. Although inside, the coastal part of the hotel, hosteland full of tourist facilities. Kumluca has become the address of those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. The absence of large entertainment centers and hotels gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this nature. The only thing you can do here is to visit the natural beaches and bays, and to visit the historical regions for those who are curious. Among the places to visit in Kumluca , where local and foreign tourists are also interested, we should not forget the Lycian way , which is the best walking route in the world .

Let’s start with Olympos (Olympos) Beach and the ancient city.

You can get down from the creek in the ancient city of Olympos, which is a historical port city . To Olympos beach. Those who enter the beach from here can come with their vehicles to the paid parking lot in the ancient city. However, if you enter the side of the hostels, you can go down to the free parking lot and the beach. If you go to the left side, you can see those long golden beaches, Çıralı beach and the area where the carettas lay their eggs. If you pass through the ancient city, you can also cool off by entering the ancient pool, which contains historical artifacts. If you come to the ancient city of Olympos, one of the Lycian cities, the entrance is paid. There is an entrance fee of 20 TL for 2019 . Your museum cardIf available, you can visit for free. There are paid umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach.

Places to Visit in Adrasan Bay Kumluca

It is such a cove that it is a quiet holiday resort surrounded by lush green forests on three sides, with its clear blue sea, turning the silence into peace. At the foot of Antalya ‘s Musa Mountains , among the forests stretching to the Mediterranean Sea , this cove appears to us like the love of green and blue. While its streets are cheering up with the scents of natural fruits such as citrus, tangerine and lemon, it also offers you silence with its few Adrasan houses. It hosts its guests in hotels and pensions on the coast, about 2 km. It is waiting for us with its light pebbly beach and sea where you can watch fish like aquariums at a depth of meters.

There is something you should definitely do while you’re here. With boat tours in Suluada , you should see those corners of paradise and even live directly. You should experience the naturalness of thousands of fish as if swimming in the aquarium. Suluada boat tours for 2020 are getting ready for the season with prices around 100 TL. There are small hostels in Adrasan Bay, which is mostly preferred by campers. I can say that it is a perfect place for those who want to experience silence in nature.

30 km from Kumluca . away from Adrasan Bay and 15 km from Olympos.

Adrasan Suluada Boat Tours

Sulu island, which is a fresh water source in the middle of the sea, has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in recent years with its two white beaches and sparkling sea. 2 km from the coast of Adrasan. Daily tours with meals are organized to the outlying Suluada. Suluada, which has a white appearance with calcium carbonate in its sand, welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every year. Suluada tours, formerly known as Krambusa, will take you to other lands.

With its sweet spring water and white beach, it has recently started to appear in social media and TV programs. It has two big beaches. On the beach where they dock first, they take a break for 2 hours to enjoy the sea, the sun, and the unique beach between the rocks. It attracts snorkeling enthusiasts with its underwater vitality.

Where is Sulu island?

Suluada is a small island just across from Adrasan in the Kumluca district of Antalya . Suluada , which has no settlements and is only accessible by excursion boats departing from the Adrasan coast , is about 15 km away. The excursion boats travel in the Mediterranean air and arrive in about 1 hour.

Rhodiapolis Ancient City

The ancient city of Rhodiapolis, founded by the people of Rhodes , is 5 km from Kumluca. is above. The entrance to this ancient city with a view of the greenhouse paradise valley of Kumluca is free. The ancient city of Rhodiapolis, which is being restored by the municipality of Kumluca, is a member of the Lycian union in history. There are theatre, church, cistern, necropolis, temples, baths and sarcophagi in the ancient city. Behind the theater stage of the ancient city is the mausoleum of Opramoas, the richest philanthropist of the period. After the Kumluca coast and bays, you can come for a little history journey.

Where is Kumluca Yanartaş, how to get there?

Another natural phenomenon awaits you on the hills of Çıralı. Not much, 230 meters. I say go to the Yanartaş  region with its flaming stones at an altitude . Witness this miraculous natural phenomenon with your own eyes. Yanar stone, called “Infinite Fire”,  is among the different beauties of  Turkey . Yanar stone, which is in the Beydağları National Park , has thus been taken under protection. It still continues the legend of the stone, which Khimaria said will burn for thousands of years. Since it is under protection in the national park, it is 1 km. There is a challenging hiking trail. Have a flashlight with you for Yanartaş, which gives the most beautiful image at night. Or you can rent it from the National Park entrance.

Gelidonya Lighthouse (Taşlıkburnu Lighthouse) – Antalya Kumluca places to visit map

The Gelidonya Lighthouse, built in 1934, is the largest and most magnificent lighthouse on the Mediterranean coast. With the feature of being the highest lighthouse of Turkey , it is 237 m. There is also. This altitude is 3 km from the sea. made it to be in land. The Gelidonya Lighthouse, which it radiated with kerosene at the time it was built, still continues its historical task with the solar energy system. It has a beautiful view with the Devecita Islands lined up right in front of it. Gelidonya Lighthouse is under protection with a light distance of 10 miles .

Gelidonya Lighthouse is very difficult to reach. 12 km by footpath over the Lycian road. It has a serious walking route. On the other hand, you can drive a part of the road from the Karagöz neighborhood, but it is 7 km. The road remains within walking distance. Gelidonya Lighthouse is only seen as a good walking route for trekking lovers. You should take your necessities with you for this long walk.

Ceneviz Bay Antalya Kumluca Places To Visit 

Genoese Bay is one of the most famous bays here . The reason why it is famous comes from its desolation. Ceneviz Bay, which has no land access, is one of the most important stops of Sulu Ada boat tours. It still preserves its beauty as it is located in the Beydağları Coastal National Park , but I have seen a few hut-like structures. Genoese Bay, which is in love with green and blue, is one of the places where you can’t get enough of swimming with its turquoise sea.

On the slopes of Mount Musa, on the sea side, the Genoese built many castles in order to protect the 11th century European trade routes. This cove, where the castle ruins are also located, is called the Genoese Porto Ceneviz cove . Just behind this region, where the rare Mediterranean monk seal lives, is also Yalancı Bay. The fact that the caretta carettas are among the natural habitats attracts the attention of the visitors who come here. It is also possible to see those who take mud baths with the black muddy soil in the interior of the Genoese bay. I guess it has not been proven that mud bath, which I consider as a touristic advertisement, is good for health.

Sazak Bay Antalya Kumluca places to visit map 

If you are on the Adrasan or Kumluca side, boat tours are the best way to visit this place and the bays. Because there is not much transportation. The way to see these corners of paradise should be to travel to the fullest in one day, either by long walks or boat tours. We are only in Sazak Bay , which is a small forest road by Adrasan . It is one of the quiet, peaceful and pleasant coves where boat tours take a swimming break. This cove, where you can see the campers on the beach, is a total restlessness. A green cove between mountains rising with steep cliffs on both sides. They call this beautiful bay, where many domestic and foreign yachts anchor, in Honeymoon Bay. If you are lucky, you can also see the caretta caretta . Very rich underwater. I think it is the perfect place for snorkeling.

Korsan Bay – Antalya Kumluca Attractions Map 2020

On this tour , I preferred Papaz bay instead of Korsan bay . For Korsan Bay, which is between Mavikent and Gelidonyo Lighthouse , you can walk from Karaöz beach to Gelidonya Lighthouse. Korsan Bay, which is usually frequented by campers and daily barbecues, has once again become a favorite of young people with its lush green nature and sparkling sea. Its popularity is not new because I can say that it is quite crowded especially on weekends. The environmental pollution brought by the crowd is also an effort.

Pirate Bay Melanippe Ancient City

The camp center now is the harbor bay of Pamphylia, an ancient Greek colony, in 500 BC. Korsan Bay , which is a natural harbor, also has ruins from Hellenistic periods. Kintin is known by the Greek name “Black Horse”. This region, which is called Köraöz today, is mentioned as  Karaozi in Piri Reis’s book of the Navy in 1521 . There are also the remains of a church built for St. Stephanos on the north side of the bay. This church is thought to have served sailors at that time.

Papaz Bay (Papaz Pier) – Places to visit in Kumluca map

Camping and picnic area organized by Kumluca Municipality and Forestry enterprise. In fact, everything has been thought of. Everything has been thought of, from the ice-cold water flowing from the fountain, to the not very clean toilet, to the changing cabin and shower on the beach. There are even areas where you can set up your tent next to under-tree picnic tables and barbecue places. There is not only electricity and lighting here. Well, I think it’s not. I think it is better to experience nature and the light of the day. However, there is no market nearby. When coming from Adrasan or Kumluca, you should take all your camping or picnic needs with you from Karaöz. The municipality even has large garbage containers, but only those who can use it.

Antalya Kumluca Places to Visit Map 2020 online maps map: 

With this map , you can see the current places to visit in Kumluca 2020 online. By selecting the desired location, you can access transportation, communication and navigation information. 

Where is Antalya Kumluca?

A thousand districts of Antalya with large beaches and coves on the skirts of Musa Mountain between Adrasan and Finike .

  • 17 km from Finike . 25 min.
  • 54 km from Kemer . 1 hour 20 min
  • 92 km to Kas , 1.5 hours
  • Antalya 95 km. It is also 2 hours away.

Buses come to Kumluca regularly from Antalya and Kaş bus stations.

I prepared Antalya Kumluca Places to Visit Map 2020 with its natural beauties and historical places . I shared my Antalya Kumluca travel notes with its Bays and Beaches..  

have a nice holiday..